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Gopher State Summer Baseball League FAQ

Where will league games be played?

Each team will have 12 league games. It is up to each team to provide a field for home games. It is ideal to have 6 home games and 6 away games however schedules do not always work out like that so we urge you to work together to get a close to even home and away games as possible. 

Do I need a home field?

It is strongly recommend that you provide a field for some home games. Please check with us if you cannot find a field before you sign up. If their are enough fields in your age group, we will still be able to get you into the league. Most likely you will be asked to split umpire costs and possibly field costs with your opponents.

Is insurance included with registration?

Yes, insurance is included with Individual/Open team registrations. The coverage for team insurance will begin June 22nd for team practices. Insurance will cover Gopher State Summer League games and practices. More information will be posted soon on the coverage of this policy. If you need a certificate of proof of insurance to secure a field, please contact anyone of the MYAS staff. Teams that sign up through their association's should go through their association insurance policies. 

When will league games be played?

The season runs from July 6 to August 14. Games can be played any day, evening or weekend in that time range that the two teams in the match up are free to play their game against each other. 

When is the scheduling session?

We will create the match up to place you with teams as close to your community as possible. From there you will receive the match ups and we will have an online scheduling session where you work with these other teams to pick the times of your games. These online scheduling sessions will be the week of June 22nd and will be on different nights of the week depending on the age group. Exact dates and times to be announced. 

Who arranges the umpires for the games?

Teams/associations will get and pay for their own umpires for this league. If you need to know what umpire assignor is in your area that could help with your team, we are happy to help. You can also check here for all of the umpire assignor's contacts. If you do use one of our assignors and not one of your own, you can let us know who you are using and we can put them onto your team schedule to help them see your games and see any changes you might make throughout the year due to weather. 

What are the bat standards for the league?

Since this is a MYAS/Gopher State league, we will be using USSSA standards. This means you can use either USSSA or USA bats. You can find the full bat standards here.

When is the difference between an Association team and an Open or an Individual team?

With many of the associations closing for the summer, we felt that we wanted to offer a summer program that was still open to everyone throughout the state of baseball if they wanted to play. This means an association team is a team that just like the normal summer GSBL season, your association is still in running and signs you up for this league. An open or Individual team is for those communities that their associations are no longer operating but their teams are still interested in playing. These coaches and/parents are able to sign up their team without needing an association.

What age and level do I sign my team up for?

You sign up your team at the age and level the team would have played in the 2020 summer baseball season. As a reminder, MYAS/Gopher State use the national age date of May 1. This means, players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before May 1, 2020. It is permissible for a player to play up from their designated age division, but they may not play down. Please note, there is a possibility if we do not have enough teams at a certain age and level we will have to get creative such as combine levels, combine with the Metro Baseball League, etc. 

Who is playing?

With any of our programs, registration always comes in at the last minute. It is safe to say that around 90% of our team registrations for a program will come in at and around the deadline. This makes it very difficult to know what teams will be signed up to play. As always, we will do our best to minimize your travel in this league.

Do we need our own jerseys?

Yes, please wear your own team jerseys during league games. Since there will be open/individual teams in this league that may not have all received a matching team jersey from their home association this season, the rules on uniforms will be relaxed. Please coordinate with your team to all wear as similar jerseys as possible to games as this will be allowed this season. 

Do I need to have a complete roster to register a team first?

No, rosters do not have to be completed with registration. If you are worried about getting in your team registration by the deadline, you can just register your team and pay the entry fee. However you will need to complete your roster and online waiver form before you can receive the league insurance and practice or play any games. 

Do I need a full team to sign up for the league?

Yes, you will need to sign up through your association or as an individual/open team. If you do not have a team, please contact the team you would have played on this summer season, your local association, or just get a group of friends together to form a team to play in this league. If you cannot form a team, we do have individual signup for our Fall Baseball League in September with more information on that league coming soon here.

What happens if two teams without home fields are matched up against each other?

The teams are excepted to find a field for their match up. They must contact local cities about accessing a field. MYAS can provide an insurance certificate if required to obtain the field. If the two teams have already contacted every field in their own communities, they can think outside the box. Ex. Check with their opponents who have fields to see if they can use their fields or just play their game after a game already player on that field making it a doubleheader for that field. If a field is never found, the game will go as unplayed.

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More information to come!


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