Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


How To Enter Your Roster

1. Log in and select your team under "Active Teams"

2. Click on the Wheel Cog next to your team and select "Manage Rosters/Waivers"

3. You add players/coaches to the roster by selecting "Add Person to Roster." You can delete players/coaches off your roster by selecting the player/coach and clicking the red "Delete" option

See below on how to get your players/coaches compliant with the MYAS Waiver

How To Complete Your Code of Conduct

Your roster will also double as your team code of conduct. Next to each person on the roster it will either say “Email Waiver” or “Compliant.” This means they have either submitted their signature electronically for the code of conduct or they have not. The Email Waiver option will send an email to the person and they will be able to read and electronically sign the code of conduct. The goal is to have every person on the roster be compliant. If the person is not receiving the email please us the following link to send to them: https://www.gamemakersystem.com/public/Waiver 


For a visual walk through on how to enter your roster and send waivers, click here.

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