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Making Up Unplayed Games - October 13th

Please follow the instructions from the Fall Baseball Coaches Meeting

Any cancelled games can be played on October 13th if you would like to make them up. Please reach out to your opponents to to check if they also are able to make up the game. Once you have agreed to make up the game(s), agree on a field to play on. Once this is all set, you can contact the league office and we will get it on the schedule and reach out to an umpire assignor.

Your opponent contact's can be found when you login to your MYAS Portal account. After you login, you will click on your team, then click on the wheel icon under setting. When you click on Advanced, it will take you to Contacts.

For more information please send an
e-mail to one of the MYAS Baseball Staff: 

Phone: (763) 781-2220

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