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The 2018 Rec State Championships will take place August 3-5!

**Rec State is open to EVERY eligible "Non-traveling" or Recreational team**

**You DO NOT need to win your league to participate**


Bobby Strickland



4th Grade/10U

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5th-6th Grade/11U-12U

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7th Grade/13U

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8th-9th Grade/14U-15U

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Division HQ Teams Schedule
4th-Grade/10U Rec Fridley Little League #1 Teams Schedule
 Andover Gold
 Andover Navy 10U
 Burnsville Cardinals
 Champlin Diamondbacks
 Irondale Knights
 Irondale White Heat
 Midway 10U
 Soderville Cubs
 STMA Knights
 Soderville A's
 White Bear Baseball
5th-6th-Grade/11U-12U Rec Northwoods Park Teams Schedule
 Andover Black
 CDAA Bulldogs
 Andover Orange
 Andover Gold
 C.H.O.F. Lions
 Elk River Green
 STMA Devil Rays
 Parkway Giants
 Midway #2
 R3 Rogers Green
 Soderville White Sox
 Soderville Rays
 Midway 12U
 White Bear Lake
7th-Grade/13U Rec Ham Lake City Park #1 Teams Schedule
 Soderville Red
 White Bear Lake - Fortman
 OMGAA - Mattson
 Soderville Blue
 Forest Lake Gold
 Forest Lake White
 Blaine - Emmerich
 Blaine - Yahn
 Burnsville Mets
 CDAA Navy
 Blaine - Darby
 Burnsville White
 Eastview Blue
 Midway Stop Signs
 Midway Teal
 Elk River Red
 Anoka/Ramsey Maroon
 Coon Rapids
 Brooklyn Area Bombers
 Andover Gold
 Forest Lake Maroon
 Andover Black
 Cambridge-Isanti Red
 CDAA Grey
 Cambridge-Isanti Blue
8th-9th-Grade/14U-15U Rec Sutton Field - Sandburg Learning Center Teams Schedule
 Coon Rapids Purple
 West Minnehaha Recreation Center
 ACYBA Slate
 Rogers 1
 Cambridge-Isanti Blue
 CDAA Grey
 Soderville Reds
 CDAA Navy
 Anoka/Ramsey Gray
 OMGAA - Van Eschen
 Andover Silver
 Shoreview Green
 Becker Bulldogs 14u
 White Bear Lake Andrekus
 Blaine - Ringer
 Andover Gold Huskies
 Burnsville Diamondbacks
 Burnsville Twins
 Coon Rapids Red
 Andover Black
 Andover White
 Soderville Green
 Andover Yellow
 Cambridge-Isanti Red
 Forest Lake Rangers

Congratulations to the 2017 Rec State Baseball Champions!



4th Grade/10U Champions - 

Midway 10U



5th-6th Grade/11U-12U Champions - 

Midway #2


7th Grade/13U Champions - Midway Teal




8th-9th Grade/14U-15U Champions - ACYBA Blue

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