Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


This program is powered by Trusted Coaches, Mindful Power and the Institute for Athletic Medicine.  This modular, 4-week program designed for athletes in grades 4-12 that provides an accessible, affordable basketball training option that will develop complete basketball players. 

Weekly Training Times - 9:30am-11:00am

    • August 3rd and 5th

    • August 10th and 12th 

  • Unit 3--Weeks 3: FINISHING MOVES
    • August 17th and 19th

  • Unit 4--Weeks 4: BASKETBALL ACUMEN
    • August 24th and 26th
      • 1 on 1 Offensive and Defensive Concepts
      • 2 on 2 Offensive and Defensive Concepts

** Registration for each unit also includes weekly INNER SKILLS sessions from Mindful Power, the preceding Friday of each week covering COMMITMENT, FOCUS, RESILIENCE AND AWARENESS. Sessions are held for 50 minutes on Fridays, July 31st through August 21st, at9:00am.

Cost options per device:

  • $110 for the complete program
  • Association and high school discounts available

For more details:

Format of Virtual Training

  • Videos include dynamic warmups, stabilization exercises instructing athletes on duration/sets/repetitions per exercise
  • Unit or entire program access to simplified videos that demonstrate basketball skill sets and movement patterns
  • Coaches will be right there in the session with the athlete providing next level feedback
  • 50 athletes max per unit
  • In addition to the virtual workouts athletes will receive:
    • Workout plans with video access to drills for additional workouts inside each unit
  • With access to workout plans and videos, there will be NO MAKE UP SESSIONS FOR THE SUMMER due to inclement weather

Skills Challenges

  • We will give you a series of weekly skills challenges for the unit to challenge you
  • Practice the challenges as much as you want to improve for suggested time to see how many reps you can knock out each time you do it
  • Take your best score and post the video and score with the name of the challenge to Twitter and tag @trustedcoaches @MYASminnesota, @pureintensitybasketball and the @InstituteAthMe

Zoom Details

  • Sessions will be live streamed through Zoom video conferencing and the link will be sent via email prior to your scheduling session (free account & download)
  • The Zoom unit link provided on the Thursday before the Friday of the start of each new unit
  • The Zoom link will open at 5 minutes prior to each session beginning
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