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Invitational Tournament Flyer Book

2018-19 Complete Tournament Listings

This program is designed to assist invitational tournament directors with advertising their events, and to help coaches and teams find invitational tournaments throughout Minnesota.

Tournament directors provide the MYAS with copies of their boys' or girls' flyers for the upcoming winter basketball season (October-March/April). The MYAS then collates the flyers into boys' and girls' tournament books for distribution to the participating tournament directors, MYAS winter basketball participants and other teams/enthusiasts around the state. The tournament books will be available in early to mid-August (see link at bottom of the page to download an order form).

Important Points to Remember:

1. The MYAS will not advertise for tournaments offering open/all-star divisions, or for any tournaments that knowingly allow open/all-star and/or renegade teams to participate.

2. All flyers must state that open/all-star and renegade teams will not be allowed to participate in your tournament.

3. The MYAS will only advertise for tournaments being conducted by bona fide youth basketball organizations, high school booster clubs, community education departments, etc.

4. All flyers must specify/clarify where the proceeds from the tournament will be allocated (i.e. to a youth basketball organization, high school booster club, etc.).

5. The MYAS reserves the right to refuse tournament advertisements from persons/organizations considered to be competitors of the MYAS and/or any of the bona fide youth basketball associations that we serve.

6. All flyers submitted will be subject to approval based upon the requirements listed above. If your flyer is not approved, you will be notified and your flyers (if requested) and service fee will be returned to you.

7. If you have questions about these policies, please contact the MYAS before printing/submitting your flyers.

8. The deadline to submit flyers for the 2018-19 tournament books is Monday, July 2, 2018 at 4:00pm.

Please click the links below to access the applicable documents:

Tournament Director Info/Instructions - how to advertise your invitational basketball tournament

General Information Form - must be submitted along with your tournament flyers

Tournament Book Order Form - to order a boys' and/or girls' tournament book(s) (NOTE: Tournament Directors receive one free book for each set of 400 flyers submitted)



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