Minnesota Youth Athletics Services



Top 10 Reasons to Participate in the Gopher State Fall Basketball Program

  1. Flexible Scheduling: Teams can play when they want to play.
  2. The Second Session for grades 9-12 begins in October and runs right up until high school tryouts. Teams can participate in any or all the Second Session dates.
  3. Games played on Sundays. Does not interfere with other fall sports.
  4. Multiple metro area playing locations. Gopher State Fall Basketball is sure to have a playing location in your area.
  5. Run by a professional and accessible staff. We have a proven track record.
  6. Site Director on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  7. Best and largest pool of certified officials in the state.
  8. MYAS website and distribution of information are second to none.
  9. Great facilities and host groups.
  10. Can accommodate most scheduling requests.
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