Office Closure Announcement

In accordance with the Governors of Minnesota & Wisconsin and their Executive Orders, the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services(MYAS)/Wisconsin Sports Services (WSS)/Trusted Coaches offices will remain closed in order to support the efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The members of the MYAS/WSS/Trusted Coaches staff, have been successfully working remotely for the past two weeks and are available to assist you as needed. All staff have been and will continue to monitor their emails throughout this office closure.

Please refer to the staff directory portion of each website: MYAS  -  WSS

While we have closed our businesses to the general public, we remain ready to provide you quality customer service, assist and answer any questions that you may have.

Our organization will be determining status of suspended and cancelled events on Monday, March 30, 2020. More information will be communicated to those participants/teams during the week of April 6th.

Please continue to follow heed of the guidelines and recommendations that are available from the CDC and the state agencies about COVID-19 in order to keep you and your family safe at this time. #stayhomemn  #SaferAtHome 

Minnesota Youth Athletics Services




Division I - Elite:  This is the highest level of play, consisting of the top teams from across the state and beyond. The teams competing in this division are generally referred to as “all-star” teams, although many of the top community-based “A” teams will also compete in this division. Teams registering for tournaments in this division of play should be looking for the best possible competition for their team.


Division II – A Teams:  This is the next highest level of competition, which includes the majority of community-based “A” teams and those “all-star” teams that are unable to compete with Division I teams. We will attempt to match Division II teams of equal ability with each other as much as possible, as Division II has historically had the largest number of teams.


Division III – B Teams:  This division is for the majority of community-based “B” teams from the winter season. We are attempting to help level the playing field from years past and have added a fourth division of play (Division IV – below) to accomplish this.


Division IV – C/Rec Teams:  This new division is for teams that are simply looking for more tournament experience. Teams in this division may include in-house teams, recreational teams, school traveling “C” teams and newly formed teams looking to “get their feet wet.”


Note:  The MYAS reserves the right to move teams up or down to provide the best level of competition for all teams. A minimum of four teams, in a specific division, are required in order to offer a tournament in that division of play. If any division has fewer than four teams entered, those teams will be moved up or down to the next appropriate division of competition.

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