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Rising Stars Basketball Showcase has been CANCELLED

Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Subject to Change
Teams are not able to register for specific locations.
The MYAS staff will form the divisions and then figure out the best location for each group of teams.

All tournament locations will be within the twin cities metro area.

Date Site
  2020 Calendar - As of 1/31/2020 
March 28. Maple Grove HS
March 28. Champlin Park
March 29. Maple Grove HS
March 29. Champlin Park
April 4-5 Burnsville HS
April 4-5 Benilde SM
April 4-5 Rosemount HS/SHMS
April 4-5 Rogers HS
April 4-5 Delano HS
April 4-5 Site TBD
April 11. Coon Rapids HS
April 11. Burnsville HS
April 11. Park Center
April 11. Eastview HS
April 11. Humboldt HS
April 11. Heritage Christian
April 11. Midtown YWCA
April 18-19 Armstrong HS
April 18-19 Maple Grove HS
April 18-19 Lakeville North HS
April 18-19 Farmington HS
April 18-19 Benilde SM
April 18-19 Hastings HS
April 18-19 Eagan HS
April 25-26 Burnsville HS
April 25-26 STMA HS
April 25-26 Armstrong HS
April 25-26 Humboldt HS
April 25-26 Eagan HS
April 25-26 Rosemount HS/SHMS
April 25-26 Wayzata HS
May 2-3 Armstrong HS
May 2-3 North HS
May 2-3 St. Olaf College
May 2-3 Maple Grove MS
May 2-3 East Ridge HS
May 2-3 Delano HS
May 2-3 Oxford Rec
May 2-3 Rosemount HS/SHMS
  Slam Dunk Breast Cancer
May 9-10 Hidden Oaks MS
May 9-10 Cottage Grove HS
May 9-10 Woodbury HS
May 9-10 Lakeville North
May 9-10 Andover HS
May 9-10 Humboldt HS
  3rd-5th Grade Spring Champs
May 16-17 Buffalo HS
May 16-17 Hopkins HS
May 16-17 Armstrong HS
May 16-17 Monticello HS
May 16-17 Prior Lake HS
May 16-17 Oxford Rec
May. 23. Armstrong HS
May. 23. STMA HS
May. 23. Coon Rapids HS
May. 23. Heritage Christian
May. 23. Cannon Falls HS
  Girls 6th-12th Spring Champs
May 30-31 Farmington HS
May 30-31 Hopkins HS
May 30-31 Coon Rapids HS
May 30-31 Oxford Rec
  Boys 6th-12th Spring Champs
June 6-7 STMA
June 6-7 Coon Rapids Track
June 6-7 Bloomington
June 6-7 Park Center
June 13-14. Osseo HS
June 13-14. Park Center
June 20. Burnsville HS 
June 20. Site TBD
June 27. Midtown YWCA
June 27. Heritage Christian
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