Office Closure Announcement

In accordance with the Governors of Minnesota & Wisconsin and their Executive Orders, the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services(MYAS)/Wisconsin Sports Services (WSS)/Trusted Coaches offices will remain closed in order to support the efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The members of the MYAS/WSS/Trusted Coaches staff, have been successfully working remotely for the past two weeks and are available to assist you as needed. All staff have been and will continue to monitor their emails throughout this office closure.

Please refer to the staff directory portion of each website: MYAS  -  WSS

While we have closed our businesses to the general public, we remain ready to provide you quality customer service, assist and answer any questions that you may have.

Our organization will be determining status of suspended and cancelled events on Monday, March 30, 2020. More information will be communicated to those participants/teams during the week of April 6th.

Please continue to follow heed of the guidelines and recommendations that are available from the CDC and the state agencies about COVID-19 in order to keep you and your family safe at this time. #stayhomemn  #SaferAtHome 

Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Teams are required to complete the official MYAS Online Roster.

Login- Go to and click on the login button.

Find your team
Your team will appear under the Active Registrations header. If your team is not listed, you can add a team by clicking on the New Team button. Once your team appears under the Active Teams header, click on the team name. On the next page, click on the event that you would like to add the roster to. Once you click on this please allow up to 10 seconds for the roster to load (if there is already some players or coaches added).

Add Players and Coaches
You can now add players to your roster. Please be sure to click Save after you submit the information for each player/coach. Please be aware that name, address, email, phone and date of birth are all required fields. 

   Helpful Tools
    1. Recently Used Players/Coaches- Located on the upper right part of screen when viewing your roster.
        -Allows coaches to simply add players from different teams in their account.
    2. Duplicate Existing RosterLocated on the lower right part of screen when viewing your roster.
        -Allows coaches to copy an entire roster from a previous event.

Waiver & Code of Conduct

  • All coaches and parents of the players must agree to the MYAS Waiver and Code of Conduct.
  • There are two ways to accomplish this.
    • Electronically- The coach can send an email to the players and the other coaches when viewing their roster. If someone agrees to the waiver and code of conduct electronically, that will be indicated on the printed roster with a Submitted Online statement. When completing the Electronic Waiver/Code of Conduct, be sure to submit the same email address on the electronic form that the invite was sent to. Example: If the email was sent to, please use when agreeing to the Electronic Waiver/Code of Conduct. The Electronic Waiver/Code of Conduct is valid for a period of three years.
    • Signature- Once you print the roster, you will see that there is a signature bar next to the names of each player and coach that did not complete the waiver and code of conduct electronically. For the players, we want the parent/guardian to sign next to their player's name.
  •  You are also welcome to do a combination of the Electronic Waiver/Code of Conduct and hand written signatures.

Please be sure to have a roster attached to each of your tournaments online.

Team Check-in Procedure
Please see the Team Check-in Procedure to see what you need to do with the completed roster.

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