Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Teams are required to complete the official MYAS Online Roster.

  1. Login- Go to myas.org and click on the login button.
  2. Find your team- Click on a registration for the appropriate team under the Active Registrations header. Once you click on this please allow up to 10 seconds for the roster to load (if there is already some players or coaches added).
  3. Add Players and Coaches- You can now add players to your roster. Please be sure to click Save after you submit the information for each player. Please be aware that name, address, email, phone and date of birth are all required fields. 
  4. Print it- Once your roster is complete, you will need to print it. Click on the Roster Print button located at the top of the page.
  5. Signatures- On the printed copy, you will notice signature bars next to each player and coach. That is where the coaches and player's parents can sign agreeing to the MYAS Code of Conduct policy and the MYAS Waiver statement.
  6. Submit it- Bring the roster to your first MYAS Spring Tournament and give it to the tournament director during team check-in. Once you have submitted the roster at your first tournament, you do not need to submit it at your following tournaments unless you have changes to your roster. If you have changes to your roster, it is your responsibility to provide the tournament director with an updated copy at the beginning of the tournament. 
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