Minnesota Youth Athletics Services




Here's what is needed when you check in a team for your first Gopher State spring basketball tournament. Once you have submitted the required documentation at your first tournament, you will not need to present the documentation at your following tournaments.

Key Points for Check-In:

1.  Check in at least 30 minutes prior to your first game. Check-in will be located at the Tournament Headquarters.

2.   Roster- The Official Online Roster COMPLETED ONLINE, PRINTED OUT and a copy GIVEN TO THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. The tournament director will keep a copy of your roster. You are responsible for making sure the tournament director has your current/updated roster.

3.   The Code of Conduct signatures can be written directly onto your online roster once it is printed out.

4.   The Grade Verification does not need to be provided at check-in. We ask that you have the grade documentation with you at the tournament in case a Grade Eligibility Protest is filed. At that time you must proved the necessary grade documentation. Please see the Handbook for further explanation of the Grade Eligibility Protest. We will accept any document or ID from the school with the players name and grade listed on it.

5. Coaches do not have to pay tournament admission. Coaches will have to sign-in at the tournament. Up to three coaches per team will be admitted for free.

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