Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


General Information:

  • Each participating team must complete the online roster.
  • You can login to your account on the MYAS website and enter your roster there. 
  • The roster must accompany your tournament registration form.
  • The roster, along with the other materials, must be received by the posted entry deadline. 
  • The roster has a space for each coach and a parent/guardian of each player to sign. The roster is not complete unless it contains signatures for each player/coach.

Adding a player to an existing team:

  • Find the team that you want to add the player to.
  • Click on the team name.
  • Click on the link under the Roster/Notes header.
  • Check to see if that player is listed in your Recently Used Players list. If so, click on the + sign to add them to the roster.
  • If the player is not listed in the Recently Used Players list, follow the steps below.
  • Click on Add Person to Roster.
  • Enter all of the required information.
  • Click on Save.

Click here to proceed.


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