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The 2020 MYAS/Youth 1st  Sportsmanship Initiative will emphasize sportsmanship from players and coaches, positive fan behavior and retention of officials. As a leader in youth sports throughout the great state of Minnesota, we want to be proactive and impact participants (youth athletes, parents, and officials) in a positive way.  

During the 2020 Girls’ and Boys’ Minnesota Youth Grade State Championships we are creating a Conduct 1st Environment and are recognizing teams and officials that are providing a safe, positive and productive experience for the athletes participating at the 31 sites. After each game, the officials will provide a simple “yes” or “no” vote for each team – did the players, coaches and parents maintain the 3 points of emphasis of the Conduct 1st Environment? Teams with exemplary scores from the officials, will be selected as “Youth 1st Teams.”

We are asking that Coaches thank your Trusted Officials for positively impacting the experience their team experienced during the game.


Click below to rate your Trusted Officials that made a positive impact during your game!


These officials that made a difference, will be awarded a Youth 1st Officials Award during a recognition event after the completion of the tournament.


Why are we implementing this initiative at our Grade State Championships?

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, only 2 of every 10 officials return for their third year of officiating, creating a referee drain that has schools and youth athletic associations struggling to cover games and administrators trying to find ways to keep officials on the job. We all know there is a shortage of officials – not just in Minnesota, but across the country. There are veteran officials retiring and not enough new officials coming in to replace them.

We believe one solution to the diminishing pool of officials is to encourage parents, coaches and officials at the youth level to partner together to make the environment more positive. New officials are likely introduced to officiating at the youth level, so it is important that we put them in a position to learn and succeed so they will want to continue to officiate in the future.

We also believe this initiative will foster positive conduct from coaches and spectators and, more importantly, will create a safe, positive and productive environment for all youth participating in the MYAS Grade Basketball State Championships. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to youth sports!

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