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Minneapolis & St Paul Basketball Coalition

What is the Minneapolis and St. Paul Basketball Coalition?

The Minneapolis and St. Paul Basketball Coalition (two separate entities) originated in 2011, in order to create an administrative and social infrastructure necessary to offer inner city youth the same opportunity as youth in the suburbs. The value proposition of this program is that inner city youth will receive educational and athletic opportunities that will enhance their childhood and their community.

The Program: In order to be considered for Coalition membership, an organization must agree to the following "Best Practices" that are also expected of established community or school associations as well.

Coalition members must:

  1. Use an approved education and evaluation system for all of their coaches.
  2. Conduct background checks on all coaches and administrative personnel
  3. Establish a democratic posture (i.e. must have a Board of Directors, Administrative Committees or staff) that allows for the open exchange of ideas, concerns and suggestions.
  4. Agree to promote a comprehensive basketball program, offering traveling basketball experiences for "A", "B" and "C" level players.
  5. Hold an open try-out process for players and an open application process for coaching candidates.
  6. Abide by the rules, regulations and policies established by the fellow Coalition Members, the MYAS and its Basketball Board of Advisors.

Project Summary: Minneapolis and St. Paul youth need to  have the same opportunity to participate in organized sports as youth residing in the Twins Cities suburbs.

The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) created the Minneapolis and St. Paul Basketball Coalitions to:

  • Increase and improve the basketball opportunities for inner city youth basketball players;
  • Create an administrative infrastructure that would ensure the annual organization necessary to have a consistent program
  • Present a character education program to athletes, coaches and sports parents;
  • Ensure that all basketball coaches and critical volunteers have background checks;
  • Offer opportunities for youth and adults through the MYAS network;
  • Build trust and collaboration between inner city and suburban programs.

Program’s Impact: This program’s important outcomes include:

  1. more youth participating in basketball and the “travel” experience.  The coalition provides a legitimate option because opportunities to participate in the city are fewer and less likely to give parents confidence about the quality and safety of the program.
  2. better educated coaches and administrators. We want to make this experience a   person-building and family-building experience; better trained coaches and supportive parents can help realize this goal.
  3. active participation by adults who are able to make a positive influence and a difference in the lives of the youth they are coaching and mentoring.
  4. bridges constructed between inner city and suburban communities. There is way too much mistrust and overt hostility between the inner city and suburbs; this program is a concerted effort to reverse this phenomenon.

Some of the things we will be able to measure include increases in:

  • youth participation;
  • coaches screened and trained through Trusted Coaches;
  • minority (racial and gender) participation in coaching, referees and association executives;
  • association executives trained in best practices;
  • websites created and hits received;
  • interactions between coalition members and suburban programs (i.e. competing in each other's tournaments);
  • Increased inner city fund raising mechanism through hosting of MYAS-sponsored events.

Who are the approved coalition member organizations?
A complete list can be found here: http://myas.org/basketball/mpls-and-st-paul-basketball-coalition/

When was the coalition created?
Prior to the start of the 2011-12 winter basketball season.

Why was the coalition created?
To add structure within the cities of Mpls and St Paul. MYAS is now able to ensure that the member organizations meet the eligibility requirements. 

Are the coalition teams eligible for MYAS winter basketball tournaments?
Yes, as they meet the MYAS Guiedelines for Teams and Organizations.

How does MYAS ensure that the member organizations are meeting the requirements?
The member organizations have to submit team rosters to the MYAS by Nov 15. The MYAS staff reviews each roster to ensure that each of the players reside or attend school in their respective city. We also collect proof that each coach completed a background check and concussion training. 

Should teams from Mpls and St Paul that are not affiliated with a coalition member organization be allowed to play in winter traveling basketball tournaments?
No. MYAS views these teams as a "renegade team". Instead of choosing to participate with one of the traveling basketball organizations within their community, they have decided not to do so. MYAS would not allow those teams to participate in our winter tournaments. 

What should I do to get accurate information about a coalition organization and/or team?
Contact the MYAS office.  Mpls Teams: kevin@myas.org  St Paul Teams: jeremy@myas.org 
Please do not believe all of the "bleacher talk" that is often passed along at tournaments. 

Can the players in Minneapolis (for example) play with any of the coalition member organizations?
Yes, a player that resides in Mpls and/or attends school in Mpls can choose to participate with any of the coalition member organizations within Mpls.

Is it permissible for the coalition member organizations to keep their teams together and play throughout the spring, summer and/or fall?
Yes. You might see teams from some of the member organizations play in the "off-season". There are many suburban and out-state associations that also have teams that participate in off-season events. Please keep in mind that different seasons and events have different team composition guidelines. As long as a team meets the team composition guidelines for a specific event, they can participate if they choose to do so.

Can a Mpls (for example) coalition member organization accept players from St Paul?
No, unless the player has completed the player transfer process. Since Mpls and St Paul share a border, a player from St Paul could play for a Mpls coalition member organization as long as they complete the player transfer process.

Can coalition member organizations accept transfer players?
Yes, just as any of the other traveling basketball organizations in the state of Minnesota can.

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