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March 21, 2020

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Registration Closed- Full

Rising Stars Showcase News Article

Important Info

  • Wear your traveling team uniform. 
  • This event is for fun. 
  • Bring light and dark sets.
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes prior to first game.
  • This event is for fun. 
  • We do not keep track of wins and losses.
  • Coaches are instructed to split up playing time as evenly as possible.
  • The team names do not carry any significance.
  • This event is for fun. 


The MYAS Rising Stars Showcase will feature the top basketball players in Minnesota.

2020 Event Details

  • March 21 - 3 game showcase
  • For players in grades 4-8
  • Separate A, B & C Divisions
  • Coaches can nominate up to 3 players from their team
  • A maximum of 32 players per grade and division will be accepted
  • 8 players per Rising Stars Showcase team 
  • Players from the same traveling team will be placed on the same Rising Stars team.
  • Only players that play on teams that meet the MYAS Team Eligibility Guidelines will be able to participate

Game Times (subject to change)

  • Typically the younger teams play early in the day and the older teams play later in the day

Important Dates for 2020 (subject to change)

  • February 18:        Registration Deadline (or until full)
  • March 9:              Rosters and Game Schedules Released
  • March 21:            3-game showcase
Team Formation
  • Players from the same traveling team will be placed on the same Rising Stars team.
  • The MYAS staff will form the teams. 
  • The goal will be to form the most evenly matched teams as possible
MYAS will not be providing practice time. 
We ask that players wear their own uniform representing the community association that they participated with during the winter traveling basketball season. Please bring dark and light colored jerseys.

$55 per player includes a commemorative shirt, three games and bag tag.
Boys Grades 4-8: STMA High School
Girls Grades 4-8: STMA Middle School East and West

Jeremy Innes at 763-746-1720 or Jeremy@myas.org.


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Phone: (763) 781-2220

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