Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Virtual Training

  • Athletes will receive temporary access to simplified videos that demonstrate basketball skill sets and movement patterns on the Wednesday prior to the virtual session on Thursday
  • Videos include dynamic warmups, stabilization exercises and skill development, instructing athletes on duration/sets/repetitions per exercise
  • Coaches will be right there in the session with the athlete providing next level feedback
  • In addition to the virtual workouts and live session athletes will receive:
    • Workout plans with video access to drills for additional workouts inside each unit

Zoom Details

  • Sessions will be live streamed through Zoom video conferencing and the link will be sent via email prior to your scheduling session (free account & download)
  • The Zoom unit link will be provided no later than the Wednesday before the Thursday session
  • The Zoom link will open at 5-10 minutes prior to each session beginning
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