Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Frequently Asked Questions

Do teams have to enter their scores?
No, but we strongly encourage it.

Can anyone become a Trusted Scorer?
Yes, as long as you input accurate information.

What information do I need to enter a score?
You will need to know your opponent's team name, the date you played them on and the score of the game.

What if notice that some data for my team is entered incorrectly?
You can edit data that other users have entered. Login, find your team and the select the Grade and Division of your team at the top of the page. Once the page loads, look under your Season History to find the inaccurate score. Click on the Edit Score button. There, you can edit the score, date of the game and the opponent.

My team is a 6B team and we played a 6A team, should I enter that score?
Yes. Once you login and find your team, you will notice that there is a drop down box on the top of the page. Instead of choosing 6B like you normally would, select 6A and find your opponent on that list.

If I am not sure that I am selecting the correct opponent, should I enter the score?
No. Only enter data that you are confident is accurate.

Will the Trusted Rankings replace the seeding meetings?
No, but they will be a tool to help the coaches determine the strength of each team.


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