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I'm putting together a 6th grade boys spring team.  Wondered if your son would be interested?  If you're aware of others with potential interest, please feel free to forward to other 6th grade (B level or so) families.  Depending on numbers, I may organize a tryout to get a look at the kids at some point this winter/spring.  

I'd like to have a total of 10 - 12 boys on the team.  Here's the schedule:

I will have practice times (2 practices per week) set in Bloomington at Jefferson HS, Oak Grove Middle and Olson Elementary Schools on Mon's & Wed's, running the weeks of Apr 1 - May 13 (7 weeks).  Most, if not all, practices will run from 6 - 7:30pm.   Tournament weekends (four) look to be (tentatively) Apr 13 - 14, Apr 27 - 28, May 11 - 12, and May 18 - 19 (tournament's thru MYAS - these are Saturdays & Sundays). We'd be done by the weekend before Memorial Day with above.

Per MYAS, I'll need a copy of grade verification for each of the boys interested in joining us. Simply a copy from their school (on school letterhead) stating that they're in 6th grade, will do fine.  I don't need this yet.

Depending on numbers, the cost would be right around $325 per family. That includes gym rent for practice, all tournaments, some real basic reversible jerseys for games, etc.

My background:  played HS and college bball, have officiated lots of youth and summer league basketball over the years, have run basketball camps (Lynch Camps) during summer and weekends (during the school year) for 18 yrs or so, and have coached travel & some spring and fall teams for the past 10 - 11 years.

The goal here is for the kids to have fun, and to become BETTER basketball players. In practice we'll get them running around and we'll work on the fundamentals (many indiv. skills), not simply playing a bunch of full-court 5 on 5. The kind of attitude I'm looking for is, "I may not be real good at this skill now, but I'm willing to learn and get better".

If you have conflicts with other spring sports and can't make every practice (or even all the tournaments), I completely understand.  We'll put in a basic offense, defense, press break, and so forth....we won't have 20 different offensive sets, etc.   I'd like to teach the kids some basic concepts and let them play.   

Let me know if any questions, and I'll keep you updated on getting our total number of kids.  Thanks for your interest in some add'l basketball this spring.

Mike Lynch

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