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The Winter Jamboree is held for the newly formed travel basketball teams an opportunity to get multiple scrimmage games in one day.



Saturday, October 24
Boys Teams: Burnsville HS
Girls Teams: Maple Grove HS
Register by October 12
Grades 3-8




Playing Rules

Revised Format for 2020

2 Games, Back-to-Back

  • Exit immediately when done with second game
  • Next round of teams will enter after previous round has exited
  • 10 minute transition period added into schedule

20-minute, running time halves

Entry Fee

  • $275 Entry Fee
  • Includes free admission for 17 spectators and 3 coaches

Covid-19 Safety Procedures

  • Everyone MUST wear a mask.
    • Coaches must keep their masks on during the game.
    • Players actively playing in the game (including warm-ups) can remove their mask.
    • Players need to wear a mask when on the bench/not playing in the game.
    • Officials can remove their mask when actively officiating the game.
  • EVERYONE must sign the Electronic Waiver
  • While at the Facility
    • All attendees must leave the facility immediately if their team is not currently playing.
    • All attendees must adhere to the posted policies.
    • All attendees must maintain six feet distance, whenever possible from anyone outside their household.
  • Complete the Self-Assessment prior to arriving.

No renegade or open/all-star teams are allowed.

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