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MYAS Winter Basketball Update

The MYAS is extremely excited to share some exciting announcements and updates that will revolutionize the Minnesota winter community-based youth basketball experience.  

Over the past few months, members of the MYAS staff have been finalizing plans for the 2020-2021 season. During this process, we have received valuable input and assistance from the MYAS Basketball Board of Advisors (BBOA) (25 association leaders from across the state) and subcommittees made up of members of the BBOA. We also have received tremendous feedback from the 50+ Association leaders from around the state through our MN Youth Basketball Virtual Outreach sessions in May and June. We are pleased to say that we are poised and ready to launch enhancements that will greatly benefit each role of the youth basketball experience (athletes, coaches, parents, and associations).

Topics discussed:

  • Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) - A "unified voice" for Minnesota youth basketball!
  • Recap of MN Youth Basketball Association Virtual Outreach Sessions - June 23 & 24
    • MYBA Committee Report
    • Eligibility & Team Composition Committee Update
    • Admission Fee Structure
    • Return to Play Resources, including the Safe Play: Back to the Hardwood Plan
    • Sample Refund Policy
    • COVID-19 Waiver Statement
    • Rising Stars Basketball Academy & Association Team Development
  • Advertising your tournament(s) through the MYBA/MYAS network

Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA)
Enhancing the Community-Based Winter Basketball Experience
The MYBA is a cost-effective membership filled with exclusive access and benefits for all youth traveling  basketball associations throughout Minnesota. This membership connects all associations in our great state and allows your association to be connected to this platform, portal and tournament network. This alliance will continue to allow the MYAS to fulfill its goals as an organization, which are: to provide a safe, positive, and productive experience for Minnesota's youth athletes; to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and cultural interaction through sports; to provide the highest quality athletic programs for Minnesota's young people; and to link regional sports programs to others statewide.

  • One unified voice collaborating and working together to enhance community-based basketball.
  • A consistent communication portal for all youth basketball associations
  • Consistency and Compliance of eligibility, rules, regulations, and team identification across the state.
  • MYBA member associations will receive a FREE tournament listing on our Tournament Index (previously $75 per tournament listing). Associations that don't elect to join the MYBA will not have the ability to list their tournament on the MYAS Tournament Index.
  • MYBA members will receive a significant per-team discount through Tourney Machine (tournament bracketing platform) that will greatly benefit your association tournament. The fee for MYBA members will be $2 per team – saving you 50% or more PER TEAM.
  • Only MYBA member teams would be eligible to compete in the MYAS Grade State Basketball Championships.
Membership Fee:
  • $30 per team for associations that utilize Trusted Coaches 
  • $35 per team for associations that do not utilize Trusted Coaches
The Following Associations have Already Committed to Join the MYBA:
  • Becker, Bloomington Jefferson, Chaska, Eastview, Elk River, Fridley, Lakeville North, Mahtomedi, MLK Mpls, New Prague, Osseo-Maple Grove, Owatonna, Princeton, Rogers, Shakopee, Stewartville, Waconia, Wayzata, Woodbury

Click here for more information

MYAS Basketball Association Virtual Outreach Sessions Recap
June 23 & 24, 2020

MN Youth Basketball Alliance
  • Connecting the MYBA Portal, Tourney Machine, and Trusted Rankings will benefit the entire MN youth basketball community.
  • In the best interest of all MN youth basketball associations, your association must comply with the MYBA Best Practices (background checks, concussion certification, child safety training, etc.) and the Eligibility and Team Composition Guidelines.
Eligibility & Team Composition Committee Guidelines Change
  • There has been a slight modification to the Split Family Exception for team composition.
  • Roster submission dates have been modified.
  • Click here to view the changes.
Tournament Admission Fee Structure
  • Many associations are planning to increase entry fees and eliminate collecting admissions.
  • Some tournaments are moving forward with a hybrid of the "no gate fee" or a transition year
    • Slightly increase entry fee and only charge adults a reduced admission on Saturday only.
  • A major concern for many associations is the need to charge higher player registration fees to cover the increased tournament entry fees. 
    • The fear is that might get too expensive for some families.
    • We have learned that SportsEngine (the website provider that many associations use) has an installment option that associations can use when collecting player registration fees. An example provided to us by an association leader: Association A charges a total of $350 per player to register. Association A was able break that up into 3 installments. Installment 1 ($150) was due at the time of registration; Installment 2 ($100) was due in December; and Installment 3 ($100) was due in January.
  • Click here to view an editable document so others can see what fee structure you are using for your tournament(s).
Safe Play: Back to the Hardwood
  • The MDH has reviewed the Safe Play: Back to the Hardwood plan. Every statewide youth sports organization must have their own sport-specific guidelines in place. With safety being our #1 concern, we are confident that we can return in a safe and healthy way. This document may be subject to change but it will provide our partners, the parent-volunteer youth basketball associations, the ability to move forward with a universal plan for a return to competition for youth basketball in Minnesota. Please keep in mind that ultimately the facility owner's COVID-19 plan will override the gathering  numbers and other facility-related guidelines.  
  • Click here to view the many return to play resources that we have posted on our website. This includes the finalized Safe Play: Back to the Hardwood plan. 
Refund Policy
  • Association leaders were encouraged to create and post their refund policies, as there is still a great deal of uncertainty on how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the winter basketball season. Be prepared.
    • Player Registration refund policy to protect your association in the event that only 6 of the 10 tournaments that are advertised at the beginning of the season end up happening. 
    • Tournament Entry Fee refund policy as tournaments may get cancelled if there is another spike and the policy on tournaments and game play may change.
  • Click here to view the MYAS Refund Policy. You are welcome to adopt it for your association.
COVID-19 Waiver
  • It was recommended that associations add a COVID-19 statement to their existing waivers.
  • Click here to view the current MYAS waiver. You are welcome to adopt it for your association.
Introduction of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy (affordable option directed specifically to the development of the youth basketball athlete, coach and parent within your association).
  • Offerings include:
    • In-Person and Virtual Delivery
    • Pre-Season, In-Season, and Post-Season
    • Individual, Team, and Association
    • Player, Coaches, and Parents
  • Contact Clarence Fields for more information
Members of the MYAS staff met with leaders from 60 associations in May and June. Your guidance and feedback are very important to us. We intend to hold Virtual Outreach sessions each month as we move closer to the 2020-2021 season. Please remember, we are here serve you and your association. 
MYAS Travel Tournament Index
This is the time of year when most associations are looking to advertise their tournament(s) on the MYAS website. This process has changed from last year. 
  • Now called the MYBA Trusted Tournament Index.
  • The #1 source of advertising for travel basketball tournaments.
  • Only MYBA members can advertise their tournament(s) on the MYAS website. 
  • MYBA Member Associations will no longer need to pay the $75 fee to advertise their tournament(s).
  • Association leaders can access the Tournament tab inside of the MYBA portal, where they can post and edit their ad.
  • MYBA members can post their tournament information as soon as they become an MYBA member. Join today as some tournaments are already filling up!
  • Last year, 225+ tournaments advertised on our website and we expect the same this year.
  • Click here to view the tournaments currently listed.
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