Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


The 2017 MYAS Winter Basketball Jamboree registration information is now available.  The Jamboree will be held on Saturday, October 28th at the Bloomington Kennedy High School and Activity Center. 


REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Friday - October 16th

NEW FOR 2017!! The Jamboree will now offer a 3rd grade division for boys and girls. 

The Jamboree is held for school, travel and teams that participate in the MYAS Basketball Coalition program. The teams must be formed by a bonafide traveling program, school or member of the MYAS Basketball Coalition program. There are no all-star or renegade teams permitted to play. Click here for all the information on the MYAS Winter Jamboree.  Please call Kevin Wilson for more information at 763-746-1712 or kevin@myas.org.

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