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10am - Doors Open      11am - Sales Begin      12pm - Bingo Begins!

House Rules

Effective Date:  May 13, 2017

  1. Must purchase eligible game packets (6 faces/6on 10up) for $25 each. If you are late, interested players must still buy-in at the original buy-in and throw away expired games.
  2. Extra packets can be purchased (3 faces/3on 10up) for $10 each.
    Eligible game packet purchase required to purchase extra packet.
  3. Coverall - (2 faces/sheet) @ $5 each - MUST GO game pays 80% of sales up to $1000. Coverall is NOT included in packets.
  4. If a player does not purchase an admission packet, all other paper will be void.
  5. Prize Level Tiers:
  6. A) Tier I -  One winner merchandise value up to $200
  7. B) Tier II -  Two or more winners split cash prize of $150
  8. No refunds or exchanges on paper. All transactions are CASH ONLY.
  9. Must be 18 years of age or older to play bingo.
  10. SHOUT your bingo, loud and proud if you are a winner.
  11. Winners must call “BINGO” on the last bingo number called. Last number is valid until the letter of the next ball is called. Once the caller has closed the game, no more bingo will be honored for that game.
  12. Daubers must be used on all games.
  13. Prize receipts are required when a prize reaches $100 or more. Bring your ID.
  14. No illegal gambling will be permitted.
  15. A copy of the rules and statues governing bingo may be obtained by calling the MN Bookstore at
  16. This event is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Coach, Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke or Kate Spade.
  17. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with offensive or disruptive behavior.
  18. Bingo and/or Jackpot may be cancelled by the director for lack of interest (less than 50 people) or any unforeseen circumstances.

It is your responsibility to to stop the caller in the event of a possible Bingo.

Printable House Rules

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