Minnesota Youth Athletics Services






Welcome and Introductions

MYAS’s Role

  • To serve and protect the parent volunteer youth sports organizations.
  • To improve the delivery of youth sports services to athletes, parents and coaches.

Mark Arjes- Youth 1st-
The MYAS is partnering with Youth 1st to implement a Conduct 1st Environment during the MYAS Grade State Basketball Championships and other events throughout the season. 

Trusted Coaches
Clarence Fields 

Trusted Officials: Buddy Hemric and Jeff Stottlemyer

Playing Rules-
Changes and Highlights with assistance from the MYAS Basketball Advisory Committee


Half-Court Defense

Full-Court Defense

Free Throws

Ball Size Boys

Ball Size Girls


Person-to-Person Only

Not Allowed

12 Feet




Person-to-Person Only

Person-to-Person Only

15 Feet




No Restrictions

No Restrictions

15 Feet




No Restrictions

No Restrictions

15 Feet




MYAS Winter Programming

Event Date

Event Name

Event Description

October 26

Winter Jamboree

Scrimmage Games

October 27

Pre-Season Invite

Invite Only- Top A teams from last year’s Grade State Championships

Nov-Early March

Winter Shootouts

- Discounts available

1 Day, 3 Games, Save Time and Money

Times and Locations posted prior to the tournament.

Jan 20

MLK Celebration

Invite Only- Top B teams from last year’s Grade State Championships

Feb 17

President’s Day Event

Invite Only- Top C teams from last year’s Grade State Championships

March 7-8

Girls Grade State

Girls State Tournament with 571 teams in 2019

March 14-15

Boys Grade State

Boys State Tournament with 850 teams in 2019

March 21-22

Rec State

In-House State Tournament with 217 teams in 2019

March 21

Rising Stars Showcase

All-Star Event, A, B & C Divisions, Coach Nominations (3 per team)


Trusted Rankings

  • Online Score Reporting Platform
  • MYAS has partnered with the YBB Hoops Hub and their Now Rankings
  • Will help with the seeding process at the MYAS Grade State Seeding Meetings


Player Transfers

  • No transfers accepted or approved AFTER November 1st of any given year.
  • Players may only transfer from one contiguous community to another. No jumping over one Association to get to another.
  • No player transfers will be approved for athletes that tried out and were offered a roster position on a travel team representing that athlete’s designated drawing area.
  • Player transfers must be requested and approved on an annual basis. No grandfathering of “transferred athletes.”
  • Player transfers are limited to one athlete per team.


Invitational Tournament Listings

  • Replaced the Tournament Books
  • Create, Post and Edit your Listing


Team Identification

  • The need for uniform team identification (ex. Wayzata B7A; Eagan G8BBlue)


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • Losing officials and other tournament staff
  • Directors- Please report it to MYAS in a timely manner
  • The MYAS reserves the right to refuse entry to any team that has not exhibited good conduct throughout the entire season.


Scheduling Services

  • $5 per team
  • Schedules, online score reporting, score sheets, coach sign-in sheets
  • Nobody schedules more tournaments than MYAS


Minneapolis and St. Paul Coalition Clarification

  • Distribute and go over the Coalition Criteria. The purpose of this section is to let everyone know that the Coalition members need to abide by the same rules as everyone else.  Specifically, we are NOT allowing the Coalition teams to keep their Spring teams together, unless the composition of the team meets the eligibility standards set for Winter Basketball.

John Tauer (Aug 7 Meeting)- John will provide insights from the perspective of a coach, administrator, father, psychologist and as an author of his book, “Why Less is More for WOSPs (Well-Intentioned, Overinvolved Sports Parents): How to Be the Best Sports Parent You Can Be”. 




Other Concerns/Questions

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