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8 Week Virtual Complete Player Football Training Program


Unit 1--Weeks 1-2: SPEED

Unit 2--Weeks 3-4: AGILITY

Unit 3--Weeks 5-6: STRENGTH

   Unit 4--Weeks 7-8: FOOTBALL ACUMEN

This program is powered by Trusted Coaches, Potenza Sports and the Institute for Athletic Medicine.  This modular, 8-week program designed for young athletes provides accessible, affordable experiences with professional athletic training services.

$45 per unit



Format of Virtual Training

  • Simplified videos demonstrate a movement (e.g. ladder drills) created to address multiple positions and movement patterns
  • Videos include dynamic warmups & instruct athletes on duration/sets/repetitions per exercise
  • 1 Inner Skills session with Mindful Power & 2 Training Session Videos/week for each unit (5 sessions total)
    • Inner Skills session - Friday mornings June 26th, July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
    • Zoom link will be sent upon purchase of each unit
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