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The MYAS is committed to providing the most up to date Safe Play; Back to the Diamond Guidelines and other COVID safety protocols prior to the start of the 2021 youth baseball season. The MDH and the Governor's office has notified MYAS that the most up to date guidance will be made available on Thursday, April 15th. The Gopher State COVID Care Toolbox will be made available and notifications will be made as soon as guidance is provided. 

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Dec 15, 2020

Dear MN Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) Association Leaders:

Please see below for reminders, updates and opportunities for your association and your traveling teams.

  • Please add your Covid Compliance Manager (CCM) to the Board Member portion of the MYBA Portal, as soon as possible.
    • This will allow MYAS staff and members of the MYBA Return to Participation (RTP) Task Force to communicate with the appropriate person for anything related to COVID-19
    • The CCM will ensure their association is fostering compliance of the MYBA Return to Participation Manual & Checklist
    • The CCM will communicate with CCM’s & Tournament Director’s from other associations regarding exposures and compliance
    • The CCM will need to submit your association data into the MYBA #COVID19 Data Tracker every 14 days. More information to follow on this feature for MN youth traveling basketball.
  • The MYAS/USCAH intend to present the MYBA Return to Participation Manual and Acknowledgement to each member association leader(s) as soon as it is ready for public consumption.
    • The timeline for this release and other information will hinge on the announcements made by Governor Tim Walz during his Wednesday afternoon press conference.
  • Teams, Rosters and Board Members Submission within the MYBA Portal
    • If your association has not entered this information, please complete this now.
  • NEW! MYBA Youth Basketball Day Minnesota
    • New event replacing the MYAS Invite Series that was held on MLK Day and President’s Day in past years.
    • Monday, February 15 (President’s Day)
    • Celebration of youth basketball in Minnesota
    • Grades 5-8 with A, B & C divisions 
    • Open to MYBA member associations
    • Registration located within the MYBA Portal in the coming days.
  • 2021 MYAS Grade State Championships
    • At this time, boys’ and girls’ state tournament dates will not be moved. In the event that an extension to the current pause/shutdown occurs, considerations will be made to move the dates back. The MYBA/MYAS Board of Advisors strongly advised against MYAS staff moving the dates, unless it is absolutely necessary.
    • Registration for Grade State will be located within the MYBA Portal in early January, 2021.
    • Modifications will be made, in order to mitigate risk and provide a safe and healthy environment.
    • Feb 27-28: Girls Grades 3-8
    • March 6-7: Boys Grades 3-6
    • March 13-14: Boys Grades 7-8
    • March 20: Rising Stars Showcase (More info and registration coming soon)
  • Fundraising Mechanisms for your Association
    • If your association was forced to cancel your tournament or if your association is looking for some additional fundraising opportunities, please reach out to individuals below.
    • Hosting Opportunities Available:
      • Gopher State Winter Shootout- January 30.
      • MYBA Youth Basketball Day in MN- February 15 (Monday, President’s Day)
      • Gopher State Winter Shootout- February 20, 27.
      • Grade State Championships- February 27-28
      • Recreational State Championships- March 13-14
      • Gopher State Spring Basketball Tournament Series (Late March-June)

Thank you for your time and dedication to youth basketball. Together, we will safely get our youth basketball athletes back to the court.

The Model Student Athlete is hosting a FREE workshop on December 22nd and 23rd at 9:30am that will help student-athletes understand what gratitude is.  Please forward to all your youth athletes in your association.


Youth Sports Done Right