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Dec 15, 2020

Dear MN Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) Association Leaders:

Please see below for reminders, updates and opportunities for your association and your traveling teams.

  • Please add your Covid Compliance Manager (CCM) to the Board Member portion of the MYBA Portal, as soon as possible.
    • This will allow MYAS staff and members of the MYBA Return to Participation (RTP) Task Force to communicate with the appropriate person for anything related to COVID-19
    • The CCM will ensure their association is fostering compliance of the MYBA Return to Participation Manual & Checklist
    • The CCM will communicate with CCM’s & Tournament Director’s from other associations regarding exposures and compliance
    • The CCM will need to submit your association data into the MYBA #COVID19 Data Tracker every 14 days. More information to follow on this feature for MN youth traveling basketball.
  • The MYAS/USCAH intend to present the MYBA Return to Participation Manual and Acknowledgement to each member association leader(s) as soon as it is ready for public consumption.
    • The timeline for this release and other information will hinge on the announcements made by Governor Tim Walz during his Wednesday afternoon press conference.
  • Teams, Rosters and Board Members Submission within the MYBA Portal
    • If your association has not entered this information, please complete this now.
  • NEW! MYBA Youth Basketball Day Minnesota
    • New event replacing the MYAS Invite Series that was held on MLK Day and President’s Day in past years.
    • Monday, February 15 (President’s Day)
    • Celebration of youth basketball in Minnesota
    • Grades 5-8 with A, B & C divisions 
    • Open to MYBA member associations
    • Registration located within the MYBA Portal in the coming days.
  • 2021 MYAS Grade State Championships
    • At this time, boys’ and girls’ state tournament dates will not be moved. In the event that an extension to the current pause/shutdown occurs, considerations will be made to move the dates back. The MYBA/MYAS Board of Advisors strongly advised against MYAS staff moving the dates, unless it is absolutely necessary.
    • Registration for Grade State will be located within the MYBA Portal in early January, 2021.
    • Modifications will be made, in order to mitigate risk and provide a safe and healthy environment.
    • Feb 27-28: Girls Grades 3-8
    • March 6-7: Boys Grades 3-6
    • March 13-14: Boys Grades 7-8
    • March 20: Rising Stars Showcase (More info and registration coming soon)
  • Fundraising Mechanisms for your Association
    • If your association was forced to cancel your tournament or if your association is looking for some additional fundraising opportunities, please reach out to individuals below.
    • Hosting Opportunities Available:
      • Gopher State Winter Shootout- January 30.
      • MYBA Youth Basketball Day in MN- February 15 (Monday, President’s Day)
      • Gopher State Winter Shootout- February 20, 27.
      • Grade State Championships- February 27-28
      • Recreational State Championships- March 13-14
      • Gopher State Spring Basketball Tournament Series (Late March-June)

Thank you for your time and dedication to youth basketball. Together, we will safely get our youth basketball athletes back to the court.

The Model Student Athlete is hosting a FREE workshop on December 22nd and 23rd at 9:30am that will help student-athletes understand what gratitude is.  Please forward to all your youth athletes in your association.


Youth Sports Done Right