Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

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The MYBA will foster the 5 C's for the entire Minnesota youth basketball community!
  1. Compliance
  2. Communication
  3. Connectivity
  4. Consistency
  5. Conciseness
What are additional benefits of the MYBA?
Unified Voice
  • One group working together to enhance community-based basketball
  • A consistent portal for communication to each and every association
  • Consistency in eligibility, rules, regulations, and team identification across the state
  • Associations will agree to follow the MYBA Best Practices to ensure that they are operating as they should
  • Protect community-based basketball during the winter season
MYBA Trusted Tournaments
  • Only MYBA members can advertise their tournament(s) and coach wanted ads on the MYAS website
  • It connects hundreds of association tournaments into the MYAS network.
  • Tournament results feed directly into Trusted Rankings.
  • MYBA members will ensure that the teams participating in their tournaments meet the MYBA Team Composition Guidelines.
  • MYBA members will receive a significant per-team discount through the Tourney Machine tournament bracketing platform. The fee for MYBA members will be $2 per team – saving you 50% or more PER TEAM.
  • The Tourney Machine platform comes fully loaded with an automated scheduler function, conflict checker, and access to the Tournament Machine App. 
Consistency in Data Through the MYBA and Trusted Rankings
  • It will include a complete list of associations (and their teams) that adhere to the MYBA guidelines.
  • Team Identification will be improved.
  • Trusted Rankings will have more data than in previous years.
  • Trusted Rankings data will be more accurate than in previous years.
  • Trusted Rankings may eliminate the need to hold Grade State Seeding Meetings. 
  • Trusted Rankings will also assist tournament directors in setting up competitive match-ups for their tournament brackets. 
Youth Sports Done Right