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MYBA Best Practices- Required

Player Documentation Compliance:

Collect documentation that proves what grade each athlete is in and also what school they attend.

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

All coaches and administrative personnel must pass a background check within the last three years.

Concussion Certification:

Per Minnesota State Law, all coaches and administrators must complete an accredited concussion course that needs to be renewed every three years.

Child Safety Training:

Coaches are in compliance with the federal law, Protecting Youth Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017.

COVID-19 Compliance:

It is imperative that Associations and their teams adhere to all guidance for Youth Sports by the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Youth Basketball Safe Play: Back to the Hardwood COVID-19 Return to Competition Safety Guidelines, and the guidelines outlined by the hosting facility in terms of capacity and social distancing measures. 

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Tryout Process:

Associations must have an open try‐out process for players.

Coach Selection:

Associations must have an open application process for coaching candidates.

Coaches Education:

Associations must provide a coaches education program each year.

Organizational Standards:

The MYAS recognizes organizations that promote and implement programs for multiple age/grade levels. We do not recognize single teams formulated by any individual(s) not affiliated with, or recognized by a recognized organization, as described above or a bona fide association. The sponsoring organization must be of perpetual nature (i.e. intend to be in existence from year to year). The sponsoring organization must have a democratic posture, meaning that the administrative structure of the organization must allow for open election of officers and open forums for parents and participants to voice their concerns.

Associations must have a minimum of 4 teams.

Compliance Audits:

MYBA members shall agree to provide MYAS with requested information to prove that the Best Practices listed above are being met and the Team Composition Guidelines are being followed.

Youth Sports Done Right