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Spectator & Team Personnel Policy

Reference: COVID-19 Sports Practice and Game Guidance for Youth and Adults


Spectator Requirements per MDH Guidance

  • The total number of spectators at games must comply with the appropriate venue guidance and capacity limits (see “Follow guidance for the event setting”).
  • Strongly consider limiting spectators to one to two people per participant to minimize transmission and to comply with applicable venue guidance and capacity limits.


All MYAS administered youth basketball tournaments will use the following structure for spectator attendance at this time. To create consistency, we encourage MYBA member association tournaments follow the same policy. We realize that some facilities may have further restrictions on capacity and this may need to be adjusted based on their requirements.


MYAS Spectator and Game Personnel Policy:

Each team will be granted 16 wristbands at Team Check-in.
Players and officials do not need a wristband.
Coaches, scorekeeper and spectators will need to wear a wristband.
Teams must leave the facility immediately when their team ends game play.
Spectators must socially distance.

  • 3 Coaches per team (maximum)
  • 1 Scorekeeper
    • One team will provide someone to operate the clock and the other team will provide someone to operate the score board (this reduces the total number of people occupying the facility)
  • A maximum of 12 spectators will be allowed per team


NOTE:    Facility requirements take priority over any spectator/game personnel limitations.

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