Gopher State Baseball Participants
The MYAS is committed to providing the most up to date Safe Play; Back to the Diamond Guidelines and other COVID safety protocols prior to the start of the 2021 youth baseball season. The MDH and the Governor's office has notified MYAS that the most up to date guidance will be made available on Thursday, April 15th. The Gopher State COVID Care Toolbox will be made available and notifications will be made as soon as guidance is provided. 

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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

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Site Supervisor Job Description

  • Greet visitors. Thank coaches, parents, players, and referees for attending.
  • Know where elevators and restrooms are to help guests find them.
  • Know where entrance/exit, stairway down and stairway up are and guide guests the proper direction.
  • Each morning turn on lights and clocks. Set clocks with running time to end at 8am.
  • We will need one person downstairs monitoring games. Once a team is finished with their game please encourage them to leave the building immediately. After the court is clear, alert the site supervisor upstairs that they can contact the next game’s coaches to let them know that they can enter the building.
  • Site supervisor upstairs will text the coach and usher the coach and team to their staging area and then direct them to their court once the court has been sanitized.
  • Coaches have been notified that they and their team may enter 20 minutes before their scheduled game and spectators 10 minutes before (just in case of bad cell service). If they enter and we are not ready, send them back outside to wait.
  • Have one person walk through all gyms to make sure:
    • Games are starting on time
      • Games should not start more than 10 minutes before scheduled time.
    • Clock operators are at the tables for each game.
    • 2 referees at each game
    • Pencils are sharpened and have erasers at each score table.
    • Collect game sheets from each court.
  • Make sure garbage cans are not overflowing.
    • Garbage can be removed from the cafeteria area and placed in rolling tub in the hallway near the concession area. Call the custodian if this is full.
    • Additional rolling garbage can at Chanhassen near Court 3 and Stairway to be used for lower level garbage storage.
  • Add scores to Tourney Machine. Tablet at each school to use.
  • Make sure people are NOT bouncing balls in the hallways. Try to minimize non-player shooting on court during time-outs and half-time.
  • Check in and direct volunteers to the proper area/courts.
  • Gather dirty towels and distribute clean ones.
  • Sweep courts and pick up garbage around the court area in between games.
  • Chan: sanitize staging area tables once the team has gone down to their court.
  • On both Saturday and Sunday, hand out medals (only 1st-3rd place this year). Have the medals at the court to distribute immediately after the game. We have 10 medals per team. ASK the coach how many trophies do you need? If the coach says “8 players”only hand out 8 medals.

Temperature checker (3 per school per shift) (If necessary):

  • Take temperature on forehead
  • If temp over 100.4, they cannot enter the building.
  • If there is a problem, contact the Tournament Director

Wristband/Waivers (2 per school per shift, set up outside entrance):

  • Hand out envelopes with wristbands to coaches. Waivers have already been checked for the teams.
  • Cross reference spectator waiver list with the person entering the building.
  • Have them sign a paper waiver if they haven’t submitted one online.
  • Wipe down used pens with Clorox wipe.
  • If some spectators are late, have the parent or coach write the Team Name and the Last Name of the spectator that the wristband is for. Put it in the “Will Call” folder in the back of the binder.

Ushers (2 per school per shift 1 for team escort, 1 for parent escort):

  • Escort teams to the staging area and then to courts when court is ready.
  • Remind everyone to keep their masks on until they get to the court.
  • Direct people to the proper door for Exit.

Court Monitor (3 per school per shift to cover the 5 courts per school in use):

  • All spectators and coaches need to keep their masks on at all times.
  • As soon as the game is done ask spectators to move to the center of the court, so you may begin sanitizing.
  • Wipe score table and pencils. Do not wipe the score clock.
  • Ask teams/coaches/spectators to leave the building immediately after their game.
  • Collect and bring scoresheets up to the site coordinator desk after each game.
  • Any questions or concerns, contact Tournament Director
Youth Sports Done Right