Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

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Notes for Registration

MYBA members will have access to the following in the MYBA Portal:

  • Tournament Index
  • Coaches Wanted Index
  • Board Member Information

The following components will be available in the coming weeks:

  • Team Creation
  • Team Roster Submission

Please allow up to 24 hours after you complete the registration before you can gain access to the MYBA Portal by logging in to your account on the MYAS website.

Once the MYAS staff attaches the user account(s) to your association's portal, users can login through the MYAS website to access the portal.


Note: A payment of $120 is due to become a member and gain access to the MYBA Portal. The $120 fee is based of off the requirement for associations to have a minimum of 4 teams and the per team fee of $30. The remaining per team balance (minus the $120) will be due in November. Note: This initial fee also provides MYBA members access to the MYAS Tournament Index and exclusive rights to list and promote your Association tournament(s).

Youth Sports Done Right