Gopher State Baseball Participants
The MYAS is committed to providing the most up to date Safe Play; Back to the Diamond Guidelines and other COVID safety protocols prior to the start of the 2021 youth baseball season. The MDH and the Governor's office has notified MYAS that the most up to date guidance will be made available on Thursday, April 15th. The Gopher State COVID Care Toolbox will be made available and notifications will be made as soon as guidance is provided. 

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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services

Youth Sports Done Right

The MYBA Fees and Refund Policy for the 2020-2021 season, is as follows:

$120 Initial Registration Fee

  • This portion is nonrefundable.
  • Fee fulfills the basic requirement to gain MYBA membership status (a traveling youth basketball association has a minimum of 4 teams).
  • This fee provides access to MYBA member associations to advertise their tournament (s) on the MYAS Tournament Index, access to the MYBA Portal, the Tourney Machine platform (50% off), benefits of Trusted Rankings for your tournament(s) and teams and the Grade State Championships.
  • Exclusive Virtual Outreach Mini-Summits, timely resources, updates and ability to stay connected with the MYBA network (120+ associations across the state of Minnesota).   

Additional Team fees (above the initial four teams paid in initial registration)

  • Due by November 23
  • $30 per team
  • This additional per team fee is refundable, in the event that there is a statewide shutdown of indoor sports, that takes place, prior to January 1, 2021.
Youth Sports Done Right