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Tourney Machine

The MYAS is encouraging all MYBA members to utilize the Tourney Machine platform to produce the tournament brackets for their tournament.

Why use Tourney Machine for my tournament?

  • It’s affordable! MYBA members receive a discounted fee of only $2 per team – saving your association precious funding.
  • It’s easy! Tourney Machine puts you in control of your tournament and takes the hassles out of scheduling. Drag and drop features, along with built in logic, makes creating a schedule for your tournament a snap. And the free app lets parents and coaches easily view results. It also makes entering scores for tournament directors possible from anywhere. No more need for a centralized computer and wifi connection – use your phone to update games as soon as they are finished!
  • Scores automatically flow to the Trusted Rankings platform. No more manual entering needed. Not only does this save time, but it increases the accuracy for Trusted Rankings.
  • Easier team identification means no surprises or mystery with what team has registered for your tournament. A structured team naming format means scores flowing to Trusted Rankings are consistent and accurate – allowing you to not only improve the match-ups for your home tournament, but also see how your association’s teams are performing while they play away from home.
  • The possibility of eliminating the in-person state seeding meetings! With wide adaption, Trusted Rankings will collect and organize team records and results, making seeding for the state tournament clearer, simpler and straightforward!

What are the Benefits?

  • All game results will automatically be entered into the Trusted Rankings
    • Will greatly improve accuracy and amount of data collected
  • $2 per team for MYBA members
    • Non-MYBA members pay $4-$6 per team
    • Want the subject matter experts to schedule your tournament? For an additional $2 per team, let MYAS work their magic!
  • Possibly eliminate the in-person seeding meetings for Grade State
  • Access to the Tourney Machine App for your tournament
  • "Magic Button" to schedule your tournament for you
    • Based on the criteria that you submit
    • Ability to make changes
  • Conflict Checker
    • Avoid scheduling two games on the same court at the same time
    • Avoid scheduling a team to play two games at the same time
  • Improved Team Identification

How to Get Access

  • MYBA members can submit a tournament request (coming soon)
  • MYAS staff will provide you with access to your tournament


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