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Trusted Rankings

2020-21 Season

Trusted Rankings will launch in early December.

  • Trusted Rankings are exclusive to tournaments that use Tourney Machine.
  • Tournaments that use Tourney Machine (under the MYBA umbrella of events at just $2 per team) will have scores automatically flow to the Trusted Rankings platform. No more manual entering needed. Not only does this save time, but it increases the accuracy for Trusted Rankings.
  • Tournaments that use Tourney Machine will select properly identified teams from a pre-loaded menu. Easier team identification means no surprises or mystery with what team has registered for your tournament. A structured team naming format means scores flowing to Trusted Rankings are consistent and accurate – allowing you to not only improve the match-ups for your home tournament, but also see how your association’s teams are performing while they play away from home.
  • This will allow us to eliminating the in-person state seeding meetings! With wide adaption, Trusted Rankings will collect and organize team records and results, making seeding for the state tournament clearer, simpler and straightforward!

Coaches, please urge the directors of your tournaments to use Tourney Machine so your games will count in Trusted Rankings. 

Tournaments that do NOT use Tourney Machine will NOT have there games counted in Trusted Rankings.

If your travel basketball tournament is interested in using Tourney Machine, please contact

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