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MYBA Member Leaders,
As we are getting closer to the start of the season, there are a few things that we would like to highlight. Please see below. 
There are now over 100 associations that have joined the MYBA!
Team Identification- This is very important 
  • Properly identifying your teams is a very important component as we need those team names to match throughout the MYBA Portal, the Tourney Machine Platform and Trusted Rankings.
  • Click here to view the Team Identification structure.
  • Tournament Directors, be sure that the participating in your tournament have the properly structured team names.
Tourney Machine
  • Tourney Machine is the Official Bracketing Software of the MYBA.
  • We are strongly encouraging every MYBA member association to use Tourney Machine.
    • Tournament results will automatically transfer to Trusted Rankings.
  • MYBA members get the $2 per team rate which is discounted from the normal $4-$6 per team.
  • If you have a tournament in November, please send an email to jeremy@myas.org requesting access to your tournament.
    • Note: You may have received an email from me yesterday to get access to your tournament. If you did, you do not need to reach out to me for access.
    • We will work on setting up the the December tournaments soon.
  • If you have not posted your tournament information on the MYBA Tournament Index, please do so. Login to the MYBA portal and click on the Tournament Index tab to post your information.
  • Click here for more information about Tourney Machine.
  • We are conducting a Tourney Machine Live Webinar to discuss the features of their software and how to easily manage your tournament with the platform. 
Teams and Rosters
  • Please create your teams in the MYBA Portal as soon as possible. It would be ideal if every association had their teams created by October 23.
    • We realize that some associations have had to push back tryouts and the October 23 deadline may not work for your association. Please get them added as soon as you can.
  • Login to the MYBA Portal and click on the Teams tab. 
    • From there, you can add your teams.
    • Please note the instructions on properly identifying your teams.
  • This is also where you can submit your roster information once you are ready to do so. Please have your rosters entered by November 13.
    • We have added a roster upload feature that will save you some time.
Board Members
  • Please add your board members to your association's account as soon as possible.
  • This will allow the MYAS staff keep your board members updated with current information and announcements such as the MYBA Virtual Summit invitations.
MYBA Member "Open Discussion" Forum
October 5 Virtual Summit Recording
Coming Soon
  • Updated Safe Play: Back to the Hardwood Guidelines.
    • Including procedures on how to safely run your tournament.
Remember, the MYAS is here to serve the community-based winter basketball associations. Please let us know how we can help you.
Youth Sports Done Right