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Preseason Association Team Development Clinics

Association Team Development Clinics are dedicated to helping associations create balance 
between preparation and game play prior to the beginning of the season. Powered by a lineup of trusted clinicians, speakers and educators, each participant (athletes, coaches and parents) will have an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge which will help improve the youth sports experience as a whole while creating synergy between the youth and high school basketball athletic program they feed into.

Parents Workshops:

 The Challenge Response - How sports can help your kids develop self-confidence and
resilience, and why it doesn't always work that way.

 Raising Successful Athletes - What we know from the science of learning &
development, and what successful (and unsuccessful) pathways look like young athletes.

Coaches Workshops:

 Growth Mindset vs. Talent Mindset - S mall differences in how we talk to our kids about
success and failure can have big impacts.

 The Power of Process - Process orientation is the hidden bedrock of driven individuals
and groups at levels in all fields. Learn tools for practicing it, and strategies for
embedding it in your team's DNA.

Virtual and Live Coaching Clinics

  • Unit 1 - Importance and Power of the Team Warm Up
  • Unit 2 - Individual Skill Development
  • Unit 3 - Team Skill Development
  • Unit 4 - Practice Plan Execution

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Virtual Onboarding (At Home):

  • Monday-Friday
    • Coaches Clinics - 2 days - 90 minutes each (TBD)
    • Players - 2 days -  75 minutes each (TBD)
    • Parents - 2 days - 75 minutes each (TBD)

Live Player Development Clinics:

  • Saturday
    • Unit 1--Defensive Footwork, Ball Handling and Finishing Moves
    • Unit 2--Defensive Disciplines, Triple Threat Footwork and Shooting
  • Sunday
    •  Unit 3--Basketball Acumen - Team Offensive and Defensive Disciplines
    •  Unit 4--In Game Skills
  • Coaches
    • Must attend both days for live player development clinics with the age groups they are coaching to reinforce curriculum from virtual coaching clinics

Session Times and Training Groups:

  • 9:00am-12:00pm, Grades 3/4 (Co-ed)
  • 12:30pm-3:30pm, Grades 5/6 (Co-ed)
  • 4:00pm-7:00pm, Grades 7/8 (Co-ed)

Cost Details: 

  • $60 per player
  • Must have a minimum of 40 players
  • Cost includes Player Development,  Coaches and Parent Workshops

Membership Discounts:

  • MYBA - 30% off
  • MYBA and Trusted Coaches - 50% off


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