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Combine Assessments & Skills Challenges by Ballogy

The MYAS Rising Stars Basketball Academy will be utilizing the Ballogy platform in our upcoming camp sessions and leagues, allowing all participants to receive Ballogy-certified test scores during and after our events remotely on the app.  As a member of this group, your combine results will also be recorded and tracked through the Ballogy Leaderboard function which will help us help you improve as well as determine your draft status for our leagues.  

  • Simply download the FREE Ballogy app available in the App Store or Google Play. Inside the app, join our group, (RisingStarsBBAll) and in addition to the benefits above, athletes also receive access to: 

    • Compete in challenges for chances to win free academy sessions
    • Access exclusive training content
    • Connect with other players in our group and across the globe

  • Visit Ballogy at www.ballogy.com 

Youth Sports Done Right