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MEA Camp at the Hope Fieldhouse

October 16th, 9:00am-3:00pm

This MEA Camp will provide a great opportunity for athletes to continue staying sharp during the MEA break and be introduced to what the Rising Stars Basketball Academy is all about.

At the Rising Stars Basketball Academy we maximize our time with each participant and minimize the opportunity for stagnant, stand around time during training sessions and practices. Our progressive basketball curriculum will challenge each athlete's mental and physical capacities by combining high-level performance training based on sports science of functional movement with fundamental basketball drills and exercises. 


Boys and Girls Grades 3-8
7th/8th registration is being updated - Proceed to sign up and email Clarence@myas.org the current grade of your athlete

$90 per player

For More Information:

Contact Clarence Fields at clarence@myas.org 


Clinic Skills Covered

    • Unit 1--Defensive Footwork, Ball Handling and Finishing Moves
    • Unit 2--Defensive Disciplines, Triple Threat Footwork and Shooting
    • Unit 3--Basketball Acumen - Team Offensive and Defensive Disciplines
    • Unit 4--In Game Skills


 Session Times and Training Groups

  • 9:00am-3:00pm, Grades 3-6 (Co-ed)


  • 20 players max per group (40 total)
  • Upon registering, athletes will receive academy welcome letter and individual player development guides (with videos) to review prior to arriving to their session
  • 1 coach per 10 athletes 
  • Lunch - will not be provided so please bring a non perishable lunch


As participants of this Academy, you will get access to great resources committed to your development. One of those resources is the Ballogy App, an official partner of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy. 

Let's Ball Out!

Youth Sports Done Right