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Keep your basketball player having FUN, MOVING and GROWING during the sports suspension, with the most COMPLETE training resources available as this pandemic continues to challenge our youth athletes across the state of Minnesota!

The MYAS Rising Stars Basketball Academy, Ballogy, Mindful Power™ and the Institute for Athletic Medicine™ are teaming up to provide not only high level basketball training, but INNER SKILL development and general nutrition guidance to help our athletes maintain a positive frame of mind during this brief pause in youth sports.

In this new age of virtual learning, we have to continue discovering new opportunities for our young people to practice the skill of focus in order to move their needle of growth, constantly. Mindful Power’s Inner Skill Development course goes beyond sports and has proven to be a great resource that moves that needle academically as well!   


Male and Female basketball players of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate for


For More Information:

Contact Clarence Fields at 


In a calendar year, The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, Inc. (MYAS), a nonprofit organization itself, helps other nonprofit youth sports organizations fundraise over $2 million dollars each year?


If your athlete or team really wants to experience optimal results, perform at least the dynamic warm up prior to every workout and develop healthy eating habits!

Week 2, December 7th-11th
New workouts posted every Sunday night

Monday, 12/7:
Inner Skills Foundations - Focus

Tuesday, 12/8

Wednesday, 12/9

Thursday, 12/10

Friday, 12/11

Completion Times and Levels

Advanced - 60 minutes or less

Intermediate - 75 minutes or less

Novice - 90 minutes or less


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As participants of this Academy, you will get access to great resources committed to your development. One of those resources is the Ballogy App, an official partner of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy.

If you download the app and post your workouts, we will give you feedback, FOR FREE!!

Let's Ball Out!

Youth Sports Done Right