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I want to thank you so much for organizing this amazing camp!! My daughter KK is falling in love with basketball again and it’s because of your positive, professional and kind group of speakers and trainers. This is obviously a first rate organization and we will be back for more training! - 
Parent - RSBA Her Next Play Bold Virtual Basketball Camp 

The speakers at the beginning of each day & wow! They were really amazing!! I am so impressed with all of them, their experience & background as well as their incredibly inspiring messages. - Parent - RSBA Her Next Play Bold Virtual Basketball Camp

“The RSBA methods for teaching the team warm-up and the transition game dramatically improved our team’s athleticism and ability to make good decisions playing in space and at tempo.” - Chance Veasey, MPLS Lakers

 "Attention given to the players on there skills and during games.
The coaches worked with and cared about the players development."

- RSBA Fall League Parent

We really appreciate how you’ve used the limited time with them and all the virtual instruction they’ve received as well.  I teach and am trying to figure out how to best manage our new reality of mashing real time and virtual time.  It’s tough and you and your staff have done it well. - RSBA Fall League Parent

Clarence, your attitude & approach was positive, never condescending
& you clearly were pushing them to work hard. - RSBA Her Next Play Bold Virtual Basketball Camp


As participants of this Academy, you will get access to great resources committed to your development. One of those resources is the Ballogy App, an official partner of the Rising Stars Basketball Academy. 

Let's Ball Out!

Youth Sports Done Right