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Gopher State Baseball and P5 Sports have teamed up to offer a Winter HitTrax League for ages 9U-15U. The league will begin Sunday, March 14, 2021 that will run for one month. Teams will consist of 3 players and the cost is $350/team. Teams can consist of players of different ages and teams will register for the age level of their oldest player. Age levels may be combined based on final registration numbers. Two simulated games will be played on each date. All sessions will be located at the P5 Sports Complex in Coon Rapids, MN. 


HitTrax is the first and only baseball data capture and simulation system that provides the powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value. Using patent pending technology, HitTrax measures and displays real-time data in a manner that is bringing the baseball industry to the next level. 

• Live Pitching, Pitching Machines, Soft Toss or Batting Tee

• 110+ mph measurements

• Adapts to All Skill Levels

• Set up system within minutes • +/- 1 mph accuracy


Immediate Feedback with Real-Time Stats View the hit live as if you are playing in your favorite stadium. HitTrax accurately measures the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome. 



• Exit Ball Velocity

• Distance of Hit

• Launch Angle/Elevation

• Strike Zone Analysis

• Spray Charts

• Hard Hit Average


• Pitch Velocity

• Pitch Location

• Late Break Measurements

• Spray Charts

• Batting Average Against

• Strike Zone Analysis

• Analysis by Pitch Type


Game Changing Data HitTrax™ measures key performance metrics and generates reports based on a wide variety of criteria. These interactive reports can be immediately analyzed, printed, and emailed to players to keep them engaged and striving to get to the next level. With advanced tools such as the Baseline Assessment Report, players can also be quickly evaluated to illustrate progress and determine areas for improvement.

HitTrax StatsCenter

All data collected with HitTrax is securely stored in the cloud and available to registered players, coaches, and facility administrators via the HitTrax StatsCenter online subscription service. Access the powerful interactive reports, and even replay sessions, away from the batting cage for further analysis. Players can also see how they stack up against their peers in any catagory via HitTrax performance rankings and leaderboards at


HitTrax Hitting Guide


Bobby Strickland 




Also Available: MYAS Rising Stars Roving Player Development Programs

  • Available Immediately
  • Our top notch staff comes right to your site for players and groups up to 9
  • Two-Hour programs
  • Can customize program to fit the needs of your group
  • Contact for more information

Check out these images and videos from the Blaine HitTrax Sessions!

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