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Are there Help Videos available to assist with the registration process?
Yes, click here to view them.

Do I need to register my player or will their coach handle registration?
New for 2022, everyone must register as an individual. If your coach is planning to coach in the fall league, they can create the team and send you a Roster Password to join the team.

Do I need to have to be part of a team to register for the Gopher State Fall Baseball League?
No. When the parent/guardian is registering their player, they can submit the Roster Password to join a team or register as a Free Agent.

What is a Free Agent and are Friend Requests accepted?
A Free Agent as a player that joins the league without a team. The Gopher State staff will form teams with the pool of Free Agents. Yes, we will do the best we can to honor friend requests. We will also limit travel as much as possible.

How do coaches obtain the Roster Password?
Once you create your account, click on My Teams. You can create your team from there and obtain the Roster Password.

If a player registers as a Free Agent can they later join a team if a coach provides them with a Roster Password?
Yes. The parent/guardian of that player can login to their account, select the player and submit the Roster Password. This action will remove that player from the Free Agent pool and place them on the team.

What age level should I sign up for?

In the fall league you sign up for the age group your player/team will be playing the following baseball season (the 2023 season). Fall league is a way to practice and prepare for the next year's summer season and any new rules that may come with it. At registration, the computer will factor in your correct age level when you enter your birth date. The league goes by the age of the player (or the oldest player on the team) as of May 1st, 2023. That is the age your team will play for this fall season.

Should I sign up my player/team for Competitive or Recreational?

The Competitive level is generally made up from players and teams that have player AAA and AA in the past whereas the Recreational level is usually a combination of A level and in-house players and teams. In Fall Baseball, teams can be a large mixture of players and levels and you will know your team better than anyone so use your best judgement on the level of play for your player or team. 

Do I need a home field?

Coaches, yes it is strongly recommend that you provide a field for at least one week home games. If you cannot provide a home field at all, there will be an additional fee for $100 for your team at the time of registration. If you find a field later into the season for your games, we ill refund you this $100 fee.

Is insurance included with registration?

Yes, liability and accident insurance is included with your registration fee as an individual or team. The coverage for insurance will begin August 1st for team practices. Insurance will cover Gopher State Fall League games and practices. More information will be posted soon on the coverage of this policy. If you need a certificate of proof of insurance to secure a field, please contact anyone of the MYAS staff. 

When will league games be played?

Games are played on Sundays from September 11 to October 2. Game times are typically 12:00pm, 2:00pm or 4:00pm each Sunday. Teams will play two games each Sunday. The host team that provides the fields generally play the first and last game of the day. Due to field availability and number of teams in the league, in some cases there are also 10:00am games played at sites. 

How will individual players be placed on teams?

Players signing up individually will be put together with other players geographically as close to their homes as possible. We will also always honor friend requests if both friends sign up for the Gopher State Baseball Fall League. If your friend request is at a higher level of play or older age group than what your registered for, we will place you by your friend request and move you up to that age group accordingly.

When/Where will practices and games be played?

The league does not mandate practices and instructs each coach to go over any practice obligations with their teams prior to the season. Games will be scheduled/played where teams in the league provided home field availability. 


How are umpires handled for Fall Baseball?

Umpires for all of your games are paid for as part of your entry fee into the league. However, we may need your assistance locating umpires for your home games if you are a host. Each week will post an Umpires Assignment sheet which will list either an Umpire Assignors' name next to your game or it will say it need to be assigned by the home team. This is due to the fact that we have limited Umpire Assignors that can only cover limited areas. If you cover your own game, there will be a form to fill out to make sure your umpire gets paid. There may also be times when our assignors cannot cover a game they try to cover. When that happens we will let you know as soon as possible so you have as much time as possible to find an umpire. If you would like to assign your own games to begin with, just let us know!

What is all included with my Fall Baseball registration fee?

8 Fall Baseball games, liability and accident insurance, numbered jersey shirts, a box of new baseballs for the team, a team score book, paid umpires for games, and background checks for individual team coaches.


Do you know of teams in my area that are looking for players?

It is very difficult to know exactly what we have to work with regarding team and players until after the entry deadline. We always take all situations into considerations when forming teams of individual. 

When is the Coaches Meeting?

This season we will not have a coaches meeting. We will however have a night (TBD) at the MYAS parking lot (1011 Osborne Road NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432) where you can drive up and pick up your team shirts, baseballs, and score book.

When will I hear what team I am playing on? Where/when is my first game?

Coaches will start to reach out to their teams the last week of August to the first week of September. It is a long process as first we have to put together teams, select coaches, back ground check the coaches, get rosters to the coaches, get the materials to the coaches, and then they will reach out to their teams. So please be patience in this process. Once you know your team name, schedules will be posted on the Gopher State Fall League web site at the end of August/start of September. 

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