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Gopher State Baseball Alliance

 What is the Gopher State Baseball Alliance (GSBA)?
The GSBA is a collaborative effort between the MYAS/Gopher State Baseball, the Gopher State Baseball Board of Advisors, and travel baseball leaders from around the state working together to enhance community-based youth baseball during the spring/summer season.

How does my association join the GSBA?
  • Click Here to Join
  • Membership is free 
  • Associations must adhere to the Best Practices for youth baseball organizations and the Team Composition Guidelines.
  • Currently, the GSBA is for travel teams only. 

Why should my youth baseball association join the GSBA?

  • It is our goal to have EVERY association throughout the state of Minnesota, regardless of what league you play in, to proudly join the GSBA
  • GSBA member associations will receive FREE access to the GSBA Tournament Index. Non-GSBA members will not be able to list their tournament on the Tournament Index. This will allow us to support the associations that support the community-based effort.
  • GSBA members will receive a significant per-team discount through the Tourney Machine tournament bracketing platform. Tourney Machine is the Official Bracketing Platform of the GSBA.
  • Only GSBA members can host a GSTC Qualifier. 
  • Only GSBA members are eligible to compete in the Gopher State Tournament of Championships.

The Alliance will foster the 5 C's for the entire Minnesota youth baseball community!

  1. Compliance of Best Practices, Eligibility & Team Composition 
  2. Communication to the entire youth baseball community, regardless of league affiliation, or where your community is in Minnesota.
  3. Connectivity with the entire Minnesota youth baseball community. 2022 Focus: Creating a tournament ecosystem for all GSTC qualifiers, will:
    1. foster efficient results
    2. effectively award/confirm berths in a timely manner
    3. confirmation of  berth status and update in GSTC points within 24-48 hours
    4. allow the 2022 GSTC Rankings to be updated at a faster speed than ever before.
    5. Create a full tournament body of work for each team that  participates/earns a berth in/at  GSTC qualifiers. Minimizing the necessity to gather GSTC seeding information.
  4. Consistency in team identification, tournament software and a central clearinghouse for GSTC Qualifiers
  5. Concise results from all GSTC Qualifiers that will updated within 24-48 hours on GSTC Power Rankings
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