Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


Rosemount 3v3 League

Playing Rules- Click Here

Thank you for registering for the Rosemount 3v3 Basketball League. Please read the information below and share it with your team.

Important Information

  • This league is for FUN.
  • Click here to complete the MANDATORY Online Waiver.
  • Spectators are allowed at the games.
  • We are following the CDC guidance on masks/face coverings.
    • If you are vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask/face covering.
    • If you are not vaccinated, you are strongly encouraged to wear a mask/face covering.
  • Players do not need to wear a mask/covering while playing.
  • Coaching is not allowed.
    • Parents should not be calling plays or telling the players who to pass to or when to shoot (examples).
    • Parents are encouraged to help direct the players to the appropriate court and may also assist with substitutions.
  • Some divisions have TBD teams listed in them. We are actively working to fill those openings. If you have a TBD opponent on your schedule, please plan on playing that game.
  • An athletic trainer will be on-site.
  • High School certified officials will be officiating the games.
  • This league is for FUN.

Coaches/Team Contact Reminders

  • Team Roster- Please make sure that your online roster is completed. Please login just as you did to register your team and click on Roster.
  • T-Shirts- Please arrive 20 minutes early on July 11th to pick-up your t-shirts.
Division HQ Teams   Schedule  
Boys 4th-Grade Revised 7/10 Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Sharp Shooters
 AV Boys
 AV/EV 3 v 3 Team
 Fighting Irish
 The Goonies
 Board Beasts
 Ankle Breakers
Boys 5th-Grade Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Eagan Flyers
 Lakeville North
 Lakeville ballers
 Shot Dogs
 Lkvl North 1
 Lkvl North 2
 Triple Threat
Boys 6th-grade Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Farmington 7th
 Fighting Irish
 The G.O.A.T.S.
 Owatonna Huskies
 AV 6th 3 v 3
 Irish ballers
 Hot Shots
 Lightning Blue
Boys 7th-Grade Revised 7/14 Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Team JOTT
 Eagan 2026 Blue
 EVAA summer
 Basket Brawlers
Boys 8th-Grade Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Highland Ballers
 Eastview Hoops
 North and South
 IGH B8 Blue
 IGH B8 White
Boys High School Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Rochester Justice
 Eastview 10
 MN Grit
Girls 4th-Grade Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 Rosemount Irish 1
 Hastings Girls2010
 Nothin But Net
 Lakeville Panthers
 Irish 4th Gr
 Irish Ballers
Girls 6th-Grade Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 5A Irish Green
 5A Irish Gold
 Thunder Squad
Girls 7th-Grade Hope Fieldhouse Teams   Schedule  
 One Lakeville
 Hastings 7th Blue
 Hastings 7th Gold
 Fury Four
 HalfCourt Hustlers
 Fire Squad
 X Fired Up
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