Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


How many players per team?
3-5 players per team. 

Are subs allowed?
Yes, please do everything you can to get enough players to the games.

How do we order the t-shirts for the players?
Once you register your team online and submit payment, you have the ability to submit the quantities and sizes.

When do we get the t-shirts?
T-shirts will be handed out to the team contact on the first day of game play. 

Is coaching allowed?
Coaching is not allowed. Parents should not be calling plays or telling the players who to pass to or when to shoot (examples). Parents are encouraged to help direct the players to the appropriate court and may also assist with substitutions. 

Are standings kept?
No. The league is for fun.

Are awards given out?
No. We do not award a champion.

Can individuals register?
Unfortunately, we do not accept individual registrations. We encourage you to find a 2-3 other players and form your own team.

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