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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services




Division 1/Elite:  This is the highest level of play, consisting of the top teams from across the state and beyond. The teams competing in this division are generally referred to as “all-star” teams, although many of the top community-based “A” teams will also compete in this division. Teams registering for tournaments in this division of play should be looking for the best possible competition for their team.


Division 2/A Teams:  This is the next highest level of competition, which includes the majority of community-based “A” teams and those “all-star” teams that are unable to compete with Division I teams. We will attempt to match Division II teams of equal ability with each other as much as possible, as Division II has historically had the largest number of teams.


Division 3/B Teams:  This division is for the majority of community-based “B” teams from the winter season. We are attempting to help level the playing field from years past and have added a fourth division of play (Division IV – below) to accomplish this.


Division 4C/Rec Teams:  This division is for teams that are simply looking for more tournament experience. Teams in this division may include in-house teams, recreational teams, school traveling “C” teams and newly formed teams looking to “get their feet wet.”


Note:  The MYAS reserves the right to move teams up or down to provide the best level of competition for all teams. A minimum of four teams, in a specific division, are required in order to offer a tournament in that division of play. If any division has fewer than four teams entered, those teams will be moved up or down to the next appropriate division of competition.

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