Minnesota Youth Athletics Services




2022 Minnesota Youth Girls Grade State Championships

A celebration of the 2021-22 winter community-based traveling basketball season!

Division Teams    
Girls 3rd A    
Girls 3rd B    
Girls 3rd C Teams    
 St. Louis Park (SLP) G3 Black
Girls 4th A    
Girls 4th B Teams    
 St. Louis Park (SLP) G4 Black
 Eden Prairie G4 Red
 Eden Prairie G4 Black
Girls 4th C Teams    
 St. Louis Park (SLP) G4 Orange
Girls 5th A Teams    
 Eden Prairie G5 1
Girls 5th B Teams    
 Eden Prairie G5 2
Girls 5th C Teams    
 St. Louis Park (SLP) G5 Black
 Jefferson G5 Blue
Girls 6th A    
Girls 6th B Teams    
 St. Louis Park (SLP) G6 Black
 St. Anthony G6 Blue G6 Mike Raymond Blue
 Eden Prairie G6 1
 Jefferson G6 Blue
Girls 6th C Teams    
 Eden Prairie G6 2
 Tartan Williams G6 Black
Girls 7th A Teams    
 Eden Prairie G7 1
Girls 7th B Teams    
 Jefferson G7 Blue
Girls 7th C Teams    
 St. Louis Park (SLP) G7 Black
 Eden Prairie G7 2
Girls 8th A Teams    
 Eden Prairie G8 1
Girls 8th B Teams    
 Eden Prairie G8 2
Girls 8th C Teams    
 Jefferson G8 Blue
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