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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services



The Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA) will recognize and accept teams that are coordinated and sponsored by the recognized organizations (formerly known as Coalition Members) below. All recognized Minneapolis and St. Paul basketball programs are deemed bonafide organizations and will become members of the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance for the 2021-2022 winter community based traveling basketball season, fulfilling the same requirements as every other member of the MYBA. If organizations choose to not join the MYBA, they will be removed as a recognized organization.

  • The 9  Minneapolis & 5 St. Paul Youth Basketball Organizations, formerly known as the Minneapolis & St. Paul Basketball Coalition, will continue to be recognized as bonafide winter community-based youth basketball programs in their respective city.
  • These 14 youth basketball organizations are recognized as  Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance member associations, for the 2021-2022 winter traveling basketball season.

Recognized Youth Basketball Organizations in Minneapolis

  1. Minneapolis True Foundation (Boys Only)
  2. Minneapolis Phelps (Boys & Girls)
  3. Minneapolis MLK MPLS (Boys & Girls)
  4. Minneapolis North Area Basketball/Heritage (Boys & Girls)
  5. Minneapolis Farview (Boys & Girls)
  6. Minneapolis Hospitality House (Girls Only)
  7. Minneapolis Jerry Gamble’s (Boys & Girls)
  8. Minneapolis Christian Life Ministries (Boys Only)
  9. Minneapolis Lakers (Boys & Girls)

Recognized Youth Basketball Organizations in St. Paul

  1. St. Paul Conway-Central Area
  2. St. Paul Basketball Association
  3. St. Paul Westside Boosters
  4. Eastside Athletics
  5. St. Paul Legacy

Teams from the organizations listed below are eligible for MYBA winter traveling basketball events.
They are NOT open teams.
They are NOT all-star teams.
They are NOT club teams.

MYAS Contact Info


 Minneapolis Christian Life Ministries

Minneapolis Farview Athletic Council

Minneapolis North Area Basketball Association/Heritage

  • Boys & Girls Teams
  • Christopher Johnson
  • 612-408-3726

Minneapolis Hospitality House Youth Development

Minneapolis Jerry Gamble Boys and Girls Club

Minneapolis MLK MPLS Travel Basketball

Minneapolis Lakers Youth Basketball Association

Minneapolis Phelps Activities Council

Minneapolis True Foundation Sports

St Paul Basketball Association

St Paul Westside Boosters

St. Paul Legacy

The Intent of the Minneapolis & St Paul Basketball Coalition 



  1. Help the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul create a functioning infrastructure that would be similar to the suburban (and rural) youth sport associations that currently exist.
  2. Help bridge the gap between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the rest of the Minnesota basketball network.
  3. Give more kids in Minneapolis and St. Paul the opportunity to participate in an organized and creditable traveling basketball program.




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