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This is a free service for programs that participate in MYAS events.


1. You must have an account/portal set up in the MYAS system. To access your account/portal, or to set one up, click on the "LOG IN" tab at the top of any web page.
2. To enter your info in your MYAS portal, begin by clicking "Basketball" at the top of the page (next to "MYAS Portal").
3. Click on "Tryouts" when it pops up.
4. Click on "New Listing" at the top of the page. (You may also edit an existing ad from this page.)
5. Click "Submit" to finish.

We highly recommend contacting the directors of any programs that you are interested in participating with as their plans may have changed.

Tryouts (Spring/Summer)

MN Hustle Basketball boys and girls - 2021 Spring Basketball Tryouts
2021 MN Bobcats Spring/Summer 7th Grade Girls Basketball Tryouts
Real Phenom/FBC Real 2021 Spring Basketball Tryouts Boy's & Girl's
MN Thunder now forming Spring 2021 Boys and Girls teams!
SSFSBC - 2021 AAU Roster Openings
2021 Spring Basketball Tryouts--MN HUSTLE Basketball club
TCMS Spring/Summer Basketball Opportunities 2021
Looking for Girls 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Players - East Metro Spring Program
MN Rush Spring 2021- Limited Spots Remaining - NW Suburbs
Minnesota Wolves Spring 2021 Tryouts
AF1 Boys 5th - 8th Grade Tryouts
AF1 Girls 4th - 8th Grade Tryouts
AF1 Boys 9th - 10th Grade Tryouts
AF1 Girls 9th - 10th Grade Tryouts
MN Ice & Bulldogs Spring/Summer 2021 - Tryouts Registration
MN Swish (West Metro) Tryouts - Boys & Girls Teams

Tryouts (Fall)

Tryouts listings for this season is empty.

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