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Minnesota Youth Athletics Services


2016 Gopher State Baseball League


October 27, 2016        Embassy Suites, Brooklyn Center


The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Patrick Reese at 6:00pm on October 27, 2016 at Embassy Suites.


MYAS Staff Present: Pat Reese, Tony Groff, Eric Rathke and Bobby Strickland               


Associations Present: Andover Baseball Association, Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association, Big Lake Baseball, Blaine Area Traveling Baseball Association, Delano Youth Baseball & Softball Association, Forest Lake Baseball Association, Plymouth Wayzata Youth Baseball Association, St. Francis Youth Baseball Association  


2016 Review: 414 teams from 66 Member Associations is the highest amount of associations the Gopher State Baseball League has had in one season. 38 Champions were crowned this year from 9u to 19u. The 14AAA (STMA) and 15AAA (Centennial) league champions played at Target Field in the Play Ball! Minnesota Championship game. The Gopher State Baseball League All-Star Series saw its largest amount of teams made up from 396 players at ages 13u-15u.


Items Discussed:                             

Age/Grade determination- Currently Gopher State Baseball traveling teams are classified by age only. USSSA has moved to letting teams classify by age OR grade at 13u/7th grade and up. It was determined by the Advisory Committee that Gopher State Baseball teams should also have this option for the 2018 season. It was discussed and decided that 2017 would be too early to move to this new rule since some associations have already created their teams.


Pitch Count- The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) created a rule that all states must now have a pitch count rule in place at the High School level. Since we follow their rules, Gopher State Baseball will also implement a pitch count rule. After much discussion, the Advisory committee determined to have a pitch count/innings pitch combo at 9u-13u. With this, pitchers will need to be removed from the game when they hit their pitch count or innings pitch, whichever comes first. At 14u and up, it will be a strict pitch count.


9u Classification- There was discussion on whether or not 9u traveling should be classified into AAA and AA or left “open”. It was determined that 9u traveling baseball will remain classified as “open” for the 2017 Gopher State Baseball season.


14/15A Continuous Batting- In an effort to give players more opportunities to play and develop, 14/15A will have the options before each GSBL game to choose if they are playing by 9 man rules or continuous batting and free substitution.


16u-19u Schedule- Due to a short time period for 16u-19u to get their games in because of high school baseball, the Senior League schedules will go from 14 to 12 games for the 2017 season.


Portable Pitching Mounds– Recommendations will be put on the Gopher State Baseball page this offseason for portable pitch mound sizes. There will also be overall field recommendations.


GSBL and Metro Rosters- The current rule that states a player cannot be double roster on a Gopher State Baseball team will now be extended to include Metro Baseball teams as well. This will make players ineligible by rule to play on both Gopher State Baseball teams and Metro Baseball teams in the same season.


The MYAS baseball staff will continue to promote the Gopher State Baseball League to the western communities in an effort to cut down the distance of travel between teams on the western part of the state.


MYAS will continue to recognize two different baseball seasons. April 1st to July 31st will be reserved for community association baseball only. The MYAS baseball staff will continue to support community associations throughout this season. August 1st to March 31st is considered the “open” season. 


Minutes Submitted By Pat Reese




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